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[Bid template and engineering standards] Construction design of central air conditioning project of Wanxingxing Phoenix International Hotel
[Bid template and engineering standard] Zhengzhou New Mango Real Estate Co., Ltd. rain and sewage pipe network construction bidding documents
[Bid Template and Engineering Standard] Guangdong Datang International Chaozhou Power Generation Co., Ltd. D dormitory building project
[Bid templates and engineering standards] Construction standards for power engineering industry
[Bid template and engineering standards] Bid for decoration project (full version template)
[Bid templates and engineering standards] GB / T 50502-2009 "Code for Design of Construction Organization" GB / T 50502-2009
[Bid templates and engineering standards] Promulgation of Construction Engineering Design Documents Depth Provisions
[Bid Template and Engineering Standard] Notice on Printing and Distributing the "Depth Regulations on the Compilation of Construction Engineering Design Documents" (2008 Edition) Jianzhi [2008] No. 216
[Bid templates and engineering standards] CSA concrete anti-cracking, waterproof, anti-corrosion series application technical regulations Q / CSA-2007
[Selected Cases of Bidding and Tendering] Notice on Recognizing the 2005 China Construction Engineering Luban Award (National Quality Project) Winning Unit Issue number: Jianzhi [2006] No. 7
[Bid template and engineering standards] 13th module project progress management
[Bid template and engineering standards] The construction of the 12th module
[Bid templates and engineering standards] Complete set of documents and forms for bidding for construction projects
[Bid template and engineering standards] Engineering construction related contract set
[Bid templates and engineering standards] Complete project management form
[Bid Template and Engineering Standard] Bidding Management Measures
[Bid template and engineering standard] <Building material standard> Cast iron energy consumption grade quota JC 431-199l JC 431-199l
[Bid template and engineering standard] <Building material standard> Standard for controlling internal concentration of housing GB 9196-1988 GB 9196-1988
[Bid template and engineering standard] <Building material standard> Energy consumption rating quota for paper plasterboard JC 523-1993 JC 523-1993
[Bid templates and engineering standards] <Building material standards> Soap liquid emulsified asphalt JC / T 797-1984 JC / T 797-1984
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