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At present, the construction industry is facing a severe situation of "supply exceeds demand", and at the same time, it has to cope with the fierce international competition environment after joining the WTO. All enterprises have already worked hard to carry out corporate reforms in order to obtain a wider living space Continuously exploring advanced and feasible project management experience.
The residential building project of Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute started on June 25, 1999, completed the basic structure acceptance on November 16, 1999, and completed the main structure acceptance on May 15, 2000. The completion and acceptance conditions were reached on the day of completion, and the completion and acceptance was completed on December 28, 2000. The project is located at No. 62 Nanlishi Road, with a total construction area of 16840.9m2. Huazhong North Construction Institute Project Department is responsible for civil engineering and construction management of water supply and drainage, electrical, and civil air defense.
The Central China Company was established less than a year after the bid for the residential building project of the Design Institute. The company desperately needed to stand on the stage of the unprecedented “T's” in the construction market and fully demonstrate itself. Therefore, Beijing Institute of Architectural Design and Research Whether the residential building project can win the bid is unusually important. At that time, the company organized a strong bidding team, conducted a lot of research on the market and combined with the actual experience of previous construction projects, it promised a meager profit for the project—2653
Ten thousand yuan (RMB 1.34 million, contract price ...
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