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Construction organization design of central air conditioning project for Wanxingxing Phoenix International Hotel

Chapter I Compilation of Construction Organization Design

    1. 编制依据 Section 1 Basis of Preparation

1. According to the construction implementation documents and quantity list provided by the owner.

2. According to the engineering design and construction drawings provided by the owner.

3. According to the requirements of the project and the survey of the conditions of the construction site.

4. Comply with the current national laws, regulations and construction management requirements on engineering construction.

V. Comply with the current national and industry construction and acceptance specifications, technical regulations, engineering construction quality, safety inspection and evaluation standards, and engineering construction quotas.

    1. 施工指导思想 Section 2 Construction Guiding Ideology

Based on the policy of “meticulous organization, scientific management, safety and efficiency, and ensuring compliance”, we will adopt scientific, reasonable, and practical construction plans and technical measures in combination with the construction technology and management requirements of this project to ensure high-quality, rapid and safe completion Construction tasks.

Chapter II Project Overview

    1. Section 1 Project Overview

"Wanxingxing Phoenix International Hotel Central Air Conditioning Project" construction site: Chengdu High-tech Zone XXXX .

1. Project scope: Central Air Conditioning System, equipment procurement, installation, construction and commissioning of Wanxingxing Phoenix International Hotel on the 1-4th and 19-27th floors.

2. Planned duration: 150 calendar days.

3. Project quality requirements: meet the current national construction quality acceptance standards and related specifications, and experience acceptance to meet the qualification standards.

    1. Section 2 Engineering Features

This project is a high-rise construction project. The construction area is scattered and the vertical transportation conditions are poor. In particular, the equipment is difficult to lift. The space in the ceiling is small, there are many types of work crossing, and the construction period is tight. According to this characteristic, the construction must be carefully organized, scientifically constructed, fully prepared before construction, inspected and adjusted during construction, and ensure that the project quality of each individual project meets the design and specification requirements to ensure that the overall project is qualified for one-time acceptance as scheduled.

Chapter III Construction Deployment

    1. Section 1 Construction Goals

I. Project quality goal: To meet the requirements of "Construction Quality Acceptance Specification for Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering" (GB50243-2002), and the project quality is qualified for a one-time acceptance.

Second, the construction period goal: control the total construction period within 150 days (to meet the owner's construction period requirements).

Third, the goal of production safety: to prevent major safety accidents, the rate of minor injuries is less than 0.5%;

Fourth, civilized construction goals: civilized construction, to ensure the sanitation of warehouses, processing sites and construction sites, to prevent the scene of dirty, messy, poor phenomenon.

    1. Section 2 Construction Organization Procedures

According to the characteristics of this project, the construction organization is divided into three phases for implementation: construction preparation, construction process, and completion acceptance. Each stage is carried out according to the procedure of "planning → preparation → implementation → inspection → evaluation".

Chapter IV Staffing of Organizations

    1. Section 1 Project Management Organization Settings

Aiming at the characteristics of this project, a straight-line functional project organization and management was adopted, and an efficient and capable project management team was established to comprehensively and systematically manage the project construction. ....

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