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      Energy and Power
      Boiler turbine generator set motor inverter cable regulator transformer tower bus trough high voltage frequency conversion
      Glass material switch lamp lighting anticorrosion steel steel steel pipe
      Municipal infrastructure
      Commercial Street Pipe Network Project Water Supply Project Park Museum Parking Lot Infrastructure Ventilation Project
      Mining metallurgy
      Rig Crusher Conveyor Reducer Conveyor Continuous Casting Electromechanical Scraper Rock Drilling Machine Rock Drilling Trolley Rolling Mill
      Depot garage road pavement maintenance asphalt sidewalk overhead line highway gas station culvert
      Water bridge
      Bridge beam concrete ship lock sluice water dike flood control dyke reservoir hydropower station treatment project
      Weak current security
      Security, fire protection, waterproof, explosion-proof, lightning protection, electrician, electric elevator, self-control
      Communication electronics
      Receiver switch router set-top box communication cable communication equipment communication product information construction emergency instruction satellite communication optical fiber communication
      system integration
      Charge system monitoring alarm air conditioner weak power intelligent wiring lighting lighting stage sound
      Environmental protection
      Water-saving water supply and water supply pipe network pipeline filtration purification waste discharge drainage drainage
      Medical equipment
      CT ceiling color ultrasound B ultrasound gastroscopy microwave X-ray machine PCR instrument anesthesia machine accelerator audiometer
      Weighing instrument particle size detector flaw level level theodolite thickness gauge mass spectrometer rangefinder speedometer interferometer oscilloscope
      Building works
      Restaurant cafeteria, workshop, venue, warehouse, archives, track and field stadium, stadium, dormitory area
      Wall-coating works, installation works, streetlight reconstruction, demolition, demolition, demolition, relocation, net construction, supporting construction blocks, sand filling
      Survey and design
      Design supervision, survey, cost plan, design, engineering design, planning, design, architectural design
      Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries
      Planting agricultural products, processing agricultural machinery, water conservancy projects, agricultural land transfer, agricultural reclamation reform, pesticides, fertilizers, traditional Chinese medicine, grain, cotton and linen
      Government department
      Development and Reform Commission, Land and Resources Bureau, Social Security Bureau , Local Taxation Bureau, Quality Supervision Bureau, Tourism Bureau, Audit Bureau, Old Cadre Bureau, Party Committee, Earthquake Administration, Civil Affairs Bureau
      Construction machinery
      Crane loader shield equipment excavator dumper bulldozer mixing station pavers tower crane pump truck tamping machine

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