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Easily understand the bidding process

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Guide: Tendering and bidding, as the main transaction method currently adopted for domestic construction project contracting, is an important part of the administrative approval reform of construction projects. This article takes you quickly to the bidding process

1. Tender qualification and filing
The bid inviting party handles the bidding matters on its own, and records it with the relevant department according to the regulations. If the bidding agency is entrusted with an agent, it shall sign an entrusted agency contract.
2. Determine the tender method
Public bidding or invitation to bidding shall be determined in accordance with laws, regulations and rules.
3.Issue bid invitation or bid invitation
;实行邀请招标的应向三个以上符合资质条件的投标人发送投标邀请。 In the case of public bidding, the bidding announcement shall be published in newspapers, information networks or other media designated by the state or locality, and at the same time, on the website of China's engineering construction and construction industry ; inviting bidding shall be submitted to more than three qualified bidders Send a bid invitation.
4. Prepare and issue pre-qualification documents and submit pre-qualification applications
Where prequalification is adopted, prequalification documents are prepared and prequalification documents are issued to applicants participating in the bid.

5. Pre-qualification, determine qualified bid applicants
Examine and analyze the content of the application for pre-qualification submitted by the bid applicant. If the bidder needs to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the legality and performance ability of the bidder's bid qualifications, it can conduct a review through pre-qualification. The bid inviting party may prepare prequalification documents in accordance with relevant regulations and submit them to the bidding and tendering supervision agency for review three days prior to its issuance. "资格预审合格通知书",并通知所有不合格的投标人。 Within three days of filing, the bidding and tendering supervision agency did not raise any objection. The tenderer may issue a "prequalification notice" and notify all unqualified bidders.
6.Compile and issue tender documents
According to relevant regulations, principles, and actual conditions of the project, the bidding documents shall be prepared and submitted to the bidding and tendering supervision agency for record review. Once the approved bidding documents are issued, the bidding unit may not change its content without authorization. When changes are really required, they must be approved by the bidding and bidding management agency, and all bidding units must be notified before the deadline for bidding. The bid inviting party shall hold a bid issuing meeting at the time specified in the bid inviting documents, and issue the bid inviting documents, construction drawings and related technical materials to the bidders.

7. Site survey
The bid inviting party shall organize the bidder to conduct on-site surveys in accordance with the requirements of the bidding documents, answer the questions raised by the bidders, and form written materials to report to the bidding and bid supervision agency for the record.
8. Prepare and submit bid documents
The bidder prepares the bid in accordance with the requirements of the bidding documents, seals them in accordance with the regulations, and delivers them to the designated place of the bidding documents at the prescribed time.
9. Form a bid evaluation committee
10. Bid Opening
According to the time and place specified in the bidding documents, the bid inviting party shall open all bidding documents submitted by all bidders in accordance with the regulations, and publicly announce the name of the bidder, the bid price and other main contents required in the bidding document. The bid opening is presided over by the bidder, and all bidder representatives and relevant personnel are invited to openly follow the procedures under the supervision of the bidding and bidding supervision agency.
20天。 The period from the date of publication of the bid invitation documents to the opening of bids shall not be less than 20 days.

11. Bid evaluation
Bid evaluation is the evaluation and comparison of bidding documents. Comprehensive evaluation method or the evaluated lowest bid winning method can be used.
3名合格中标候选人,并标明排列顺序。 According to the evaluation method stipulated in the bidding documents, the bid evaluation committee used computer-assisted bid evaluation system to comprehensively, carefully and systematically evaluate and compare the bidding documents of bidders according to the requirements of the procedures, and determined no more than 3 qualified candidates. And indicate the order of arrangement.
The bid evaluation committee recommends the winning bidder or directly determines that the winning bidder shall meet:
1)能够最大限度满足招标文件中规定的各项综合评价标准; ( 1) It can fully meet the comprehensive evaluation standards specified in the bidding documents;
2)能够满足招标文件的实质性要求,并且经评审的投标价格最低,但低于企业成本的除外。 ( 2) It can meet the substantive requirements of the bidding documents, and the evaluated bidding price is the lowest, except that it is lower than the cost of the enterprise.
12. Calibration
The bid inviting party may determine the successful bidder according to the requirements of the bidding documents and the qualified successful candidate recommended by the bid evaluation committee, and may also authorize the bid evaluation committee to directly determine the successful bidder.
For projects invested with state-owned funds, the bid inviting party shall determine the number one winning bidder as the winning bidder. If the No. 1 winning bidder abandons the winning bid, fails to perform the contract due to force majeure, or if the content specified in the bidding documents is not satisfied, the bid inviting party may determine the No. 2 winning bidder as the winning bidder, and so on.
The bid inviting authority authorizes the bid evaluation committee to directly determine the winning bidder.
13. Public announcement of winning results
3天。 After the bidder has determined the successful bidder, the bidding result shall be publicized for no less than 3 days.
14. Record of bid winning notice
After the public announcement, the tenderer will form a written report for the project bidding, bid opening, bid evaluation, and evaluation. Issue a tender notice.
15.Contract signing and filing
30个工作日内与招标人按照招标文件和投标文件订立书面合同,签订合同5日内报招标投标监督机构备案。 The successful bidder concludes a written contract with the bidder in accordance with the bidding documents and bidding documents within 30 working days, and signs the contract to the bidding and bid supervision agency for record within 5 days after signing the contract.

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