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Public notice on the approval opinions of the environmental impact assessment documents of the construction project to be made on December 27, 2019 (Yangzhou Huarui Metal Products Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 20 million metal crafts and 300,000 square meters of glass crafts projects)

Area: Jiangsu Release date: December 30, 2019
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根据建设项目环境影响评价审批程序的有关规定,经审查, **** ** ** 日我局拟对 * 个建设项目环境影响评价文件作出审批意见。 According to the relevant provisions of the environmental impact assessment approval process for construction projects, after review, our bureau intends to make approval opinions on the environmental impact assessment documents of the construction projects. **** ** ** 日- **** * * 日( * 个工作日)。 In order to ensure the seriousness and impartiality of this review and to safeguard the public's environmental rights and interests, the basic situation of the environmental impact assessment document to be reviewed and approved is now publicized, and the publicity period is ** year ** month ** day- * *** Year * Month * Day ( * working days).

****-******** Phone: ****-********

** Mailing address: (omitted) **

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万件金属工艺品、 **万平方米玻璃工艺品项目 10,000 pieces of metal crafts and 10,000 square meters of glass crafts

No. Suzhong North Road ** , Anyi Town Industrial Concentration Zone, Baoying County



万元 Total investment: **** ten thousand yuan

平方米,本项目不新增用地 Area: (Omitted) *****. * Square meters, no new land will be used in this project

平方米,本项目利用厂内闲置厂房,不新增建筑面积 Construction area: (omitted) ***** square meters, this project uses idle factory buildings in the plant, no additional construction area

人,本项目建成后职工总人数为***Number of employees: (omitted) *** , the total number of employees after the completion of this project is ***

小时,全年***天,合计工作时间为****小时/Working system: (omitted) * hours, *** days throughout the year, total working hours are **** hours / year

****日— ********日在扬州市宝应生态环境局网站进行了项目环评文件受理公示。 On September ** , ** , ** and ** , ** , the bureau carried out the project environmental impact assessment document acceptance publicity on the website of Baoying Ecological Environment Bureau of Yangzhou City. During the publicity period, no comments and suggestions related to this project were received.

、按照“清污分流、雨污分流”的原则建设厂区排水系统。 * 、 Construction of the drainage system of the factory area according to the principle of “sewage diversion and rain pollution diversion”. 三级标准,其他污染因子执行宝应县仙荷污水处理厂的接管标准。 After the process wastewater is treated by the in-plant wastewater treatment facility, it is taken over by the septic tank pre-treated domestic sewage from Baohe County Xianhe Sewage Treatment Plant. Among them, fluoride and total zinc take over the implementation of the Comprehensive Wastewater Discharge Standard (GB ****- ****) Grade III standard, other pollution factors follow the takeover standard of Baohe County Xianhe Wastewater Treatment Plant.

、合理布局厂区生产设备,优先选用低噪声设备,并采取必要的消声、隔声、减振以及密封等措施,确保厂界噪声达《工业企业厂界环境噪声排放标准》( GB*****-**** )中*类区限值要求。 * Reasonably arrange the production equipment in the factory area, prioritize the selection of low-noise equipment, and take necessary measures for noise reduction, sound insulation, vibration reduction and sealing to ensure that the boundary noise of the factory reaches the "Environmental Noise Emission Standards for Industrial Enterprises" ( GB ** ***-**** ) in the * category zone limit requirements.

、认真落实《报告表》中提出的大气污染防治措施,优化废气处理方案,确保各类废气达标排放,排气筒设置达到《报告表》提出的要求。 * 、 Conscientiously implement the air pollution prevention and control measures proposed in the "Report Form", optimize the exhaust gas treatment plan, ensure that various types of exhaust gases meet the standard discharge, and the exhaust pipe settings meet the requirements set forth in the "Report Form". (非甲烷总烃)排放执行《大气污染物综合排放标准》( GB*****-*****中二级标准和无组织排放监控浓度限值;喷漆(含烘干)工序VOCs参照执行天津市《工业企业挥发性有机物排放控制标准》( DB**/***-**** )表*和表*中其他行业浓度限值标准;同时满足《挥发性有机物无组织排放控制标准》( GB *****-**** )表A.*厂区内VOCs无组织特别排放限值要求;固化工序和热洁炉使用过程中天然气燃烧废气参照执行上海市《工业炉窑大气污染物排放标准》( DB**/***-**** )表*标准;食堂油烟参照执行《饮食业油烟排放标准(试行)》( GB*****-**** )。 Emissions of particulate matter, hydrogen chloride, and VOCs (non-methane total hydrocarbons) in the solidification process are subject to the Comprehensive Air Pollutant Emission Standards ( GB *****-**** ) * Medium-level standards and limit values for fugitive emissions monitoring; The VOCs in the painting (including drying) process refer to the implementation of Tianjin ’s “Control Standards for Volatile Organic Compound Emissions in Industrial Enterprises” ( DB ** / ***-**** ) tables * and other industry concentration limit standards in the table * ; Meet the requirements of Table A. * of the VOCs fugitive emission control standard for fugitive emissions of fugitive organic compounds; natural gas combustion during the curing process and the use of hot clean furnaces Exhaust gas shall be implemented in accordance with the Shanghai Municipal Standards for the Emission Standards of Air Pollutants for Industrial Furnaces ( DB ** / ***-**** ) in Table * ; ***-**** ).

、按照“减量化、资源化、无害化”的原则,落实《报告表》中提出的各类固体废物特别是危险废物的收集、处置和综合利用措施,危险废物必须委托有资质单位安全处置。 * In accordance with the principles of "reduction, resource utilization and harmlessness", the implementation of the measures for the collection, disposal and comprehensive utilization of various solid wastes, especially hazardous wastes, as proposed in the "Report Form", hazardous wastes must be entrusted to a qualified unit Safe disposal. )要求;危险废物暂存场所须符合《危险废物收集、贮存、运输技术规范》( HJ ****-**** )、《危险废物贮存污染控制标准》( GB*****-**** )等要求,防止造成二次污染。 Regulate the construction of solid waste temporary storage sites in the plant, general solid waste temporary storage sites must meet the requirements of the General Industrial Solid Waste Storage and Disposal Site Pollution Control Standards ( GBl ****-**** ); hazardous waste temporary storage sites Must meet the requirements of the Technical Specifications for the Collection, Storage and Transportation of Hazardous Wastes ( HJ ****-**** ), the Standards for Pollution Control of Hazardous Wastes Storage ( GB *****-**** ), Prevent secondary pollution.

、落实《报告表》中提出的土壤污染防治和环境管理措施及环境影响跟踪监测计划。 * Implement the soil pollution prevention and environmental management measures and environmental impact tracking and monitoring plan proposed in the "Report Form".

、按《江苏省排污口设置及规范化整治管理办法》有关要求,规范化设置各类排污口和标志。 * In accordance with the relevant requirements of the "Administrative Measures for the Establishment and Standardization of Sewage Outlets in Jiangsu Province", various types of sewage outfalls and signs are standardized.

、本项目以喷涂一车间、喷涂二车间、金一车间、金二车间和酸洗前处理车间为边界各设置**m的卫生防护距离,以喷漆房为边界设置***m的卫生防护距离,该范围内不得存在或规划、建设环境敏感目标。 * 、 The project takes the spraying first workshop, spraying second workshop, gold first workshop, gold second workshop and pickling pre-treatment workshop as the boundary to set a sanitation protection distance of ** m , and the paint spray room as the boundary to set a hygiene of *** m . Protective distance. Environmentally sensitive targets must not exist or be planned or constructed within this range.


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