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Reply on the Environmental Impact Report Form of Datang New Energy Baoying Wind Power Project

江苏-南京 2019-12-30Jiangsu -Nanjing
Area: Nanjing, Jiangsu Release date: December 30, 2019
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Text of the proposed project

* 天。 According to the relevant provisions of the construction project environmental impact assessment approval procedures, after review, our bureau has made approval decisions for the following construction project environmental impact assessment documents, and will now announce the status of the approval decisions made, and the announcement period will be * days from today .

Administrative reconsideration and notification of administrative litigation rights: (omitted)

Phone: ****-********

Mailing address: (omitted) **

****** Postcode: ******






**-**Yanghuan approval [ **** ] **-**


项目代码: ****-******-**-**-****** ? Project code: ****-******-**-**-******



The "Environmental Impact Report Form of Datang New Energy Baoying Wind Power Project" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report Form") submitted by your unit has been received, and after research, the reply is as follows:

***号),由于项目的建设地点发生了重大变动,你单位(略)重新编制了环境影响评价文件。 I. Your company's "Environmental Impact Report Form for Datang New Energy Baoying Wind Power Project" was approved by Baoying County Environmental Protection Bureau (Baohuan Examination and Approval [ **** ] *** ). Changes, your organization (omitted) re-enacted the environmental impact assessment document. (Omitted) Re-enacted environmental impact assessment documents. After implementing various pollution prevention and control measures, the adverse effects of the project construction on the environment can be mitigated and controlled, which can meet the requirements of relevant national environmental protection regulations and standards. The project construction is environmentally feasible. Sex. For this reason, under the premise of conforming to the relevant statutory plans, our bureau agrees in principle with the nature, scale, location, production process and environmental protection measures of the construction projects listed in the Report Form.

2. During the construction and operation of the project, it is necessary to implement the environmental protection requirements set forth in the "Report Form", strictly implement the environmental protection "three simultaneous", ensure that the pollutants are discharged in compliance with the standards, and the solid waste is standardized for disposal; Protective measures to mitigate the adverse impact on the surrounding ecological environment, and practically implement the following work requirements:

、优化工程设计,注重生态保护。 * Optimize engineering design and focus on ecological protection. Effectively implement the ecological protection measures proposed in the "Report Form", formulate water and soil conservation plans, and reduce surface excavation. Necessary restoration and compensation measures must be taken for the ecological impact caused during the construction period.

、优化施工组织管理,强化施工人员的环保意识,倡导绿色施工,文明施工;制定施工扬尘污染防治方案,落实施工期扬尘污染防治和重污染天气大气污染防治应急响应措施;规划好运输车辆的行驶路线及时间,对运输车辆采取密闭措施;加强施工场地的环境管理,对施工场地采取围护、洒水等措施,严格控制扬尘污染;施工废水隔油沉砂处理后回用,不外排;施工人员的生活污水经化粪池处理后还田,不外排;建筑垃圾、工程渣土等须及时清运,规范处置,避免产生二次污染。 * Optimize construction organization and management, strengthen the environmental protection awareness of construction workers, advocate green construction and civilized construction; formulate construction dust pollution prevention programs, implement emergency response measures for dust pollution prevention during construction and heavy pollution weather and air pollution prevention; plan for transportation vehicles Driving route and time, adopt closed measures for transportation vehicles; strengthen environmental management of construction sites, adopt measures such as enclosure and watering of construction sites, and strictly control dust pollution; construction wastewater will be reused after being treated with oil and sand, and will not be discharged; The domestic sewage of the construction personnel is returned to the field after being treated by the septic tank, and is not discharged; construction waste, engineering slag, etc. must be promptly removed and regulated to avoid secondary pollution. )。 Reasonably arrange the construction operation time, standardize the installation of various types of construction machinery, strictly control noise pollution, and implement the "Environmental Noise Emission Standards at the Construction Site Boundary" ( GB *****-**** ).

、选用低噪声设备,合理布局,并采取必要的隔声、降噪措施,确保风机和升压站厂界噪声符合《工业企业厂界环境噪声排放标准》( GB*****-**** )中*类区排放限值。 * 、 Select low-noise equipment, reasonable layout, and take necessary sound insulation and noise reduction measures to ensure that the boundary noise of fans and booster stations meets the "Environmental Noise Emission Standards for Industrial Enterprises' Boundary" ( GB *****-* *** ) Emission limits for category * .

、营运期生活污水经化粪池预处理后还田,不外排。 * During the operation period, the domestic sewage is returned to the field after being pretreated by the septic tank, and will not be discharged.

、按照“减量化、资源化、无害化”的原则,落实《报告表》中提出的各类固体废物特别是危险废物的收集、处置和综合利用措施,危险废物必须委托有资质单位安全处置。 * In accordance with the principle of "reduction, resource utilization and harmlessness", implement the measures for the collection, disposal and comprehensive utilization of various solid wastes, especially hazardous wastes, as proposed in the Report Form. Dangerous wastes must be entrusted to a qualified unit Dispose of safely. )要求;危险废物暂存场所须符合《危险废物收集、贮存、运输技术规范》( HJ ****-**** )、《危险废物贮存污染控制标准》( GB*****-**** )等要求,防止造成二次污染。 Standardize the construction of solid waste temporary storage sites. General solid waste temporary storage sites must meet the requirements of the Standard for Pollution Control of General Industrial Solid Waste Storage and Disposal Sites ( GBl ****-**** ); hazardous waste temporary storage sites must meet "Hazardous waste collection, storage, and transportation technical specifications" ( HJ ****-**** ), "Hazardous waste storage pollution control standards" ( GB *****-**** ) and other requirements to prevent Secondary pollution.

、本项目以风电场外侧风机基座为起点,水平设置***米噪声防护距离;以升压站为边界设置**米噪声防护距离。 * 1. This project uses the wind turbine base outside the wind farm as the starting point, and sets the *** m noise protection distance horizontally; the booster station as the boundary is set to ** meter noise protection distance.B*B*B*风机噪声防护距离范围内的**户居民,须在项目建成运行前完成搬迁。 The residents of ** households within the B * , B * , B *, and B * fan noise protection distances of this project must complete the relocation before the project is completed and operated. In the future, no environmentally sensitive targets shall be planned and constructed within the noise protection distance of the project.

、按《江苏省排污口设置及规范化整治管理办法》有关要求,规范化设置各类排污口和标志。 * In accordance with the relevant requirements of the "Administrative Measures for the Establishment and Standardization of Sewage Outlets in Jiangsu Province", various sewage outfalls and signs are standardized.

3. If this project involves the environmental impact of electromagnetic radiation, an environmental impact assessment document shall be submitted for approval in accordance with the requirements of relevant regulations.

4. The environmental protection facilities of this project must be completed and put into operation at the same time as the main project. After the completion of the project, the supporting environmental protection facilities must pass the experience acceptance before the project can be put into operation; no experience acceptance or unqualified acceptance can not be put into operation.

5. If there is any major change in the nature, scale, location, production process or measures to prevent pollution and prevent ecological damage, the project shall be re-approved for environmental impact assessment documents. If more than five years have passed since the date of approval, and the project has begun construction, its environmental impact assessment document shall be reported to our bureau for re-examination.***号)即日起作废。 The original Baoying County Environmental Protection Bureau's approval (Baohuan Examination and Approval [ **** ] *** ) No. will become effective immediately.


? Yangzhou Ecological Environment Bureau

**** ** year ** month ** day

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