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Announcement of Inquiry for Highway Management and Ambulance Procurement Project of Changzi Highway Management Section of Shanxi Province

山西-长治-长治县 2019-12-16Shanxi -Changzhi-Changzhi County
Area: Shanxi-Changzhi-Changzhi County Release date: December 16, 2019
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Registration starts: 2019-12-16 Registration deadline: 2019-12-18
Bidding Procurement Text

山西省长子公路管理段 委托 ,(略)对山西省长子公路管理段公路管护车项目 进行询价 采购 ,现欢迎符合相应资格条件的供应商参加。 Entrusted by the Changzi Highway Management Section of Shanxi Province, (slightly) inquired and purchased the highway management and protection project of the Changzi Highway Management Section of Shanxi Province . Suppliers who meet the relevant qualifications are welcome to participate.

项目名称: 山西省长子公路管理段公路管护车采购项目 I. Project Name: Procurement Project of Highway Management and Ambulance for Changzi Highway Management Section in Shanxi Province

SHCZ招-****-***号 Project Number: SHCZ Recruitment-****-***

******元 Third, the budget amount: ******

4. Purchase Content:

* 、 This inquiry has a total of * packages, and the items in the quoted package must fully respond to the contents listed in this inquiry document;

* 、 Procurement content: (omitted);

*, The scope includes: (omitted);

、供货时间:(略) * 日历天。 * , Delivery time: (omitted) * calendar days.

、合格供应商应具备的条件: V. Qualifications of Qualified Suppliers:

具有独立承担民事责任的能力、能够开具正规发票的企业法人或其他组织 * 、 Enterprise legal person or other organization with the ability to independently assume civil liability and the ability to issue formal invoices ;

* 、 Have the equipment and professional technical capabilities necessary to perform the contract;

* 、 Has a complete after-sales service system;

* 、 In the three years before participating in this procurement activity, there are no major illegal records in business activities;

*. Other conditions stipulated by laws and administrative regulations;

*. Commonwealth registration is not accepted for this project.

、询价文件的获取 Obtaining inquiry documents

法定代表人身份证明和法定代表人身份证;法定代表人授权委托书和委托代理人身份证;营业执照; 开户许可证 近三年无违法记录申明 * 、 All applicants should bring the legal representative's identity certificate and legal representative's ID card; the legal representative's power of attorney and the agent's ID card; business license; account opening permit ; no illegal record statement in the past three years . *** * ** ** 日至 *** * ** ** (法定公休日、法定节假日除外),每日上午 * **时至**:(略) * : * *时至** * *时(北京时间),在 长治市保宁门西街世纪城 *** 购买询价文件。 The above documents need to provide two sets of originals and photocopies of the company's official seal, please *** * year ** month ** to *** * year ** month ** day (except legal public holidays, legal holidays) , Every morning * : ** to **: (omitted) * : * * to ** : * * hrs (Beijing time), purchase inquiries at Room *** , Century City, Baoningmen West Street , Changzhi City file.

*, The price of each set of inquiry documents is *** yuan, non-refundable after sale.

响应 文件的递交: 7. Submission of response documents:

* ** ** ** ** * 、 Time: (Omitted) * Year ** Month ** Day Afternoon ** : **

长治市保宁门西街世纪城 ***室 *, Venue: Room ***, Century City, Baoningmen West Street , Changzhi City                    

、联系方式 Contact information

Purchasing unit: (omitted)

址:(略) **号 Address : (omitted) **

人:(略) Contact : (omitted)

*********** Phone: ***********


(略) Agency: (Omitted)        

址: 长治市保宁门西街世纪城 *** Address : Room *** , Century City, Baoningmen West Street, Changzhi   

张先生 Contact: Mr. Zhang

****- ******* Phone: ****- *******

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