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Bayi condolences procurement project

山西-长治-长治县 2019-12-16Shanxi -Changzhi-Changzhi County
Area: Shanxi-Changzhi-Changzhi County Release date: December 16, 2019
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Registration starts: 2019-12-16 Registration deadline: 2019-12-18
Bidding Procurement Text

(采购代理机构)受 长治市退役军人事务局 (采购人)的委托,就 八一慰问品采购项目 组织询价采购活动,欢迎符合本项目资格条件的报价人参与。 (Omitted) (Purchasing Agency) Entrusted by Changzhi Municipal Bureau of Retired Military Affairs (Purchaser), it organizes inquiry and procurement activities for the Bayi condolences procurement project , and welcomes bidders who meet the qualification requirements of this project.

I. Project Number

*** SXSJWD ****- *** .

Project name

Bayi condolences procurement project .

Third, the inquiry content:

* 、 A total of one package for this purchase is as follows:

project name

Budget amount

Business technical requirements

Bayi condolences procurement project

*. *

See inquiry document for details

“进口产品”字样的,均须采购国产产品。 Note: (omitted) The words "imported product" must purchase domestic products. The scope includes: (omitted)

供货期 :(略) **天内。 *. Delivery period : (omitted) ** days.

Qualifications for bidders participating in the inquiry

* 、 Ability to independently assume civil liability.

* 、 Good business reputation and sound financial accounting system.

* Have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds in accordance with the law.

* 、 In the three years before participating in government procurement activities, there are no major illegal records in business activities.

* 、 Have the necessary equipment and professional technical ability to perform the contract.

*, Bidders should log in to the "Credit China" website ( to check the credit records of bidders;

*, Bidders should log on the Chinese government procurement network ( to check the bidder's credit records;

*, Other conditions stipulated by laws and administrative regulations.

单位负责人为同一人或者存在直接控股、管理关系的不同 报价人 ,不得参加同一合同项下的政府采购活动。 *. The person in charge of the unit is the same person or different bidders who have direct holding and management relationships , and are not allowed to participate in government procurement activities under the same contract.

**. The project does not accept quotations from the consortium.

V. Collection time and cost of inquiry notice

** ** 日至 ****年 ** ** 日( *:(略):(略):(略):(略)) * 、 Receiving time: (Omitted) ** Month ** to ** Year ** Month ** ( *: (Omitted): (Omitted): (Omitted): (Omitted))

* 、 Receiving location: (omitted)

* 、 Price of Inquiry: (Omitted)

Six, the purchase inquiry notice must bring the following information

、有效的营业执照或事业单位法人证书,或自然人身份证明,或其他非企业组织证明独立承担民事责任能力的文件。 * , A valid business license or public institution legal person certificate, or a natural person identity certificate, or other non-enterprise organization document proving the ability to independently bear civil liability.

、有效的税务登记证(三证合一不需提供)。 * Valid tax registration certificate (three-in-one certificate does not need to be provided).

、有效的组织机构代码证(三证合一不需提供)。 * Valid organization code certificate (three certificates do not need to be provided).

*. A copy of the ID card of the legal representative (or the person in charge of the unit); if the quotation representative is not the legal representative (or the person in charge of the unit), the handler must hold the "Authority of the legal representative (or the person in charge of the unit)" ”(Original) and the identity card of the operator.

(任意一次交纳增值税或企业所得税的凭证)(依法免税的报价人需提供相应文件证明其依法免税) * 、 The taxpayer's tax voucher ( certificate of paying VAT or corporate income tax at any one time) within one year before the deadline for inquiry (the taxer who is exempt from tax shall provide corresponding documents to prove that he is exempt from tax) .

、基本账户开户许可证。 * 、 Basic Account Opening License.

、信用中国网站(、中国政府采购网(信用查询报价人信用结果截图; * , Credit China website (, China Government Procurement Network ( credit inquiry quoter credit results screenshot;

****年度财务审计报告或财务报表。 * , **** Annual financial audit report or financial statement.

(Provide a set of photocopies of the above documents (with official seal) and provide verification of all the above originals)

Submission of quotation documents

** ** * * * *分(北京时间),截止时间后送达的报价文件将被拒收。 * 、 Deadline for submitting quotation documents: (omitted) ** month ** day * * : * * minutes (Beijing time), quotation documents delivered after the deadline will be rejected.

* 、 Place for submitting quotation documents: (omitted)

8. Inquiry time and place

** ** * * * *(北京时间)。 *, Inquiry time: (omitted) ** month ** day * * : * * (Beijing time).

* 、 Inquiry place: (omitted)

Nine, contact information

长治市退役军人事务局 Purchaser: Changzhi Municipal Bureau of Veterans Affairs

先生 Contact: Mr. Li

*********** Phone: ***********

Purchasing agency: (omitted)

**号 Address: (omitted) **

Contact: (omitted)

*********** Phone: ***********

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