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Suzhou Jinghu Technology Development Co., Ltd. Procurement Announcement on Advertising Font Production and Curtain Wall Repair Project of Yangcheng Lake International Technology Pioneer Park

江苏-苏州 2019-12-20Jiangsu -Suzhou
Area: Jiangsu-Suzhou Release date: December 20, 2019
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Registration starts: 2019-12-20 Registration deadline: 2019-12-26
Bidding Procurement Text

(Omitted) Announcement on Procurement of Advertising Font Production and Curtain Wall Repair Project of Yangcheng Lake International Science and Technology Pioneer Park

(略) 委托对该单位的 阳澄湖国际科技创业园广告字体制作及幕墙修缮项目 组织竞争性磋商采购,欢迎符合竞争性磋商文件资格要求的供应商前来参与磋商。 Entrusted (slightly) to entrust the unit with the Yangcheng Lake International Science and Technology Pioneer Park's advertising font production and curtain wall repair project to organize competitive negotiation and procurement. Suppliers who meet the qualification requirements for competitive negotiation documents are welcome to come to participate in the consultation.

采购项目概况 I. Overview of the procurement project

*,Project Description:

*)采购内容: 阳澄湖国际科技创业园广告字体制作及幕墙修缮项目 ( *) Procurement content: advertising font production and curtain wall repair project of Yangcheng Lake International Technology Pioneer Park .

*)采购编号: SZHD****-QC-*** ( *) Purchase number: SZHD ****-QC-*** .

*)标段数量:(略) ( *) Number of bids: (omitted)

项目地点:(略) * 、 Project location: (omitted)

*. This project does not accept imported products, does not allow subcontracting, and does not accept consortium bids.

* 、 Purchasing requirements: (omitted)

2. Suppliers participating in this government procurement activity shall meet the following requirements:

(I) General conditions for qualified bidders

* 、 Ability to independently assume civil liability;

* 、 Good business reputation and sound financial accounting system;

* 、 Has the equipment and professional technical capabilities necessary to perform the contract;

* Have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds according to law;

* 、 In the three years before participating in government procurement activities, there are no major illegal records in business activities;

*, Other conditions stipulated by laws and administrative regulations.

(II) Special conditions for qualified bidders:


Third, the procurement document sales information:

* 、 Acquisition time: (omitted): (omitted): (omitted): (omitted): (omitted) (except weekends and holidays).

* 、 Obtaining location: (omitted)

* 、 On-site method: (omitted)

*, File price: (omitted)

Note: (omitted):

*)营业执照副本复印件、安全生产许可证复印件、指定的具有项目负责人身份证复印件,该负责人需具备建筑工程贰级及以上建造师执业资格,无在建工程,并取得《安全生产考核合格证》,需提供**个月以上的社保证明。 ( *) A copy of the business license, a copy of the safety production license, and a designated ID of the person in charge of the project. The person in charge must have the qualification of a construction engineer with Grade Ⅱ or higher qualifications. "Certificate of Safety in Production Assessment" shall provide a social guarantee certificate of more than ** months. All copies must be reviewed with the originals.

*)响应单位报名相关信息(包含采购项目编号、响应单位全称、地址、邮编、联系人、联系电话、传真、邮箱)。 ( *) Relevant unit registration related information (including purchase item number, full name of responding unit, address, postal code, contact person, contact phone, fax, email).

Fourth, the response file submission information:

* 、 Start receiving time: (omitted): (omitted)

* 、 Receive deadline: (omitted): (omitted)

* 、 Receiving location: (omitted)

V. Review information:

****年**月**日**:(略) Review time: ** year ** month ** day **: (omitted)

审地点:(略) ****号世茂广场H座****。 Venue for review : (omitted) **** Block H, Shimao Plaza ****.

Six, contact matters of this procurement activity


*)采购人:(略) ( *) Purchaser: (omitted)

* )联 人:(略) ( * ) Contact : (omitted)

* 、 Purchasing agency

*)名称:(略) ( *) Name: (omitted)

* )地址: 苏州市宝带西路 ****号世贸广场H座**** ( * ) Address: Block H, World Trade Plaza, No. **** West Baodai Road , Suzhou ****

* )联系人:(略) ( * ) Contact: (omitted)

* )联系方式: ****- ******** ( * ) Contact information: ****- ********

中国建设招标网 发布。 7. This announcement of procurement information will be published on the China Construction Tendering Network .

8. The deadline for this announcement is three working days from the date of the announcement.



****year month day


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