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Announcement of Tender for Fire Engineering of Yipin Community in Xicheng, Urumqi

新疆-乌鲁木齐-乌鲁木齐县 2020-01-10 Xinjiang-Urumqi-Urumqi County
Area: Xinjiang-Urumqi-Urumqi County Release date: January 10, 2020
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Registration starts: 2020-01-10 Registration deadline: 2020-01-17
Bidding Procurement Text

I. Tender conditions

The construction of the second phase of Xicheng Yipin Community has begun, and the project has been qualified for tender. Public bidding is underway for the construction of the second-phase fire protection project of Xicheng Yipin.

Project Overview

Construction site: (omitted) (Tou District)

3. Source of funds



** 万平米公寓楼,配套的消防工程。 Total construction area: ** 10,000 square meters apartment building, supporting fire engineering.

V. Qualification requirements for bidders

具有独立法人资格; *. Have independent legal personality;

具备消防工程施工相关资质 * Have qualifications related to fire engineering construction

过去三年(指 **** ** ** 起至 **** ** ** 止)中无诉讼及仲裁、无不良行为记录,没有骗取中标和严重违约及重大工程质量问题;具有实施投标本工程项目所要求的足够的专业人员、经验、技术和装备能力; *. In the past three years (referred to from ****** to ****** ), there were no lawsuits, arbitrations, no bad behavior records, no fraudulent bids and serious breaches And major engineering quality issues; have sufficient professionals, experience, technology and equipment capabilities required to implement the bid for this project;

企业信誉和财务状况良好,有足够的资金能力来承担本项目的实施; *. The company has a good reputation and financial status and has sufficient financial capacity to undertake the implementation of this project;

、投标人须根据施工图纸和招标人要求自行制作标书。 * 、 The bidder must make the bids according to the construction drawings and the bidder's requirements.

. 本项目不接受联合体投标 * ,. This project does not accept consortium bids

6. Tender documents

招标文件发售: **** * * 日至 **** * * * *. Tender documents for sale: **** year * month * day to **** year * month ** day

资格审查:(略) *. Qualification review: (omitted)

营业执照副本 A copy of business license

资质证书副本 Copy of B qualification certificate

授权委托书和被授权人身份证复印件、被授权人社保证明(如为法人需提供法人证明) C Power of Attorney and a copy of the ID card of the authorized person, and the guarantee of the authorized person (if a legal person needs to provide a legal person certificate)

* 套)。 (The above documents are provided with a copy of the unit's official seal * set). Only bidders who have passed the preliminary qualification examination can purchase bidding documents.

洽谈地点:(略) **** 号亚欧城市印象小区 * 号楼 * 层石湾广发集团。 * .Negotiation place: (omitted) **** No. Asia-Europe City Impression Community * Building * Shiwan Guangfa Group.

Deadline for bid opening and opening

For the submission deadline and place of bidding documents, please refer to the bidding documents of this project.

Contact information

Tenderer: (omitted)

*********** 王生 *********** Contact: (slightly) *********** 王 生 ***********

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