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SDIC Xinjiang Lop Nur Potassium Salt Co., Ltd. Announcement of Procurement of Potassium Sulfate Plant Battery and Wire Reduction (Sin Xinjiang Lop Nur Potassium Salt)

新疆-哈密-哈密市 2019-01-14Xinjiang -Hami-Hami City
Area: Xinjiang-Hami-Hami City Release date: January 14, 2019
Bidding Procurement Text

Item Number: 0314-19XJ0067

SDIC Xinjiang Lop Nor Potassium Salt Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Purchasing Person";) inquires and compares the procurement of storage batteries and wire-reduction transformers used by SDIC Xinjiang Lop Nor Potassium Salt Co., Ltd. potassium sulfate plant. Welcome to meet the qualification requirements and be interested Of units participated in the project.

I. Basic overview of the project


Supplier qualification requirements

2.1 Registered according to law in the People's Republic of China, with the status of an independent corporate legal person, with a registered capital of more than 500,000;

2.2. Able to legally sell and provide the corresponding goods and services in the country, and have the actual performance ability to undertake and complete this procurement project;

2.3 The bidder is capable of providing technical guidance on site installation, maintenance and use.

2.4 The company is in good financial condition and has not been ordered to suspend business, property was taken over, frozen, or taken over by bankruptcy;

2.5 The bidder needs to ensure that the materials involved in the bidding are within the company's permitted operating scope.

2.6 The bidder must ensure that the materials supplied are original parts, and the buyer has the right to request relevant certification materials when necessary

3. Registration time and registration place

3.1 Suppliers must register users on the SDIC Group's electronic procurement platform, and follow-up operations can only be performed after the registration review has passed.

3.2 Registration time: 2019-01-14 08: 05—2019-01-16 08:05.

3.3 Registration place: SDIC Group's electronic procurement platform.

Fourth, the issue of inquiry documents

(I) Time and place of inquiry documents release

1. Inquiry document release time:-(Beijing time)

2. Inquiry document sales place: SDIC Group's electronic procurement platform

3. Price of the inquiry document: RMB Yuan.

(Two) purchase methods

Any unit that intends to participate in the project must register users on the SDIC Group's electronic procurement platform, and then purchase documents after passing the registration review.

During the above-mentioned sale time, it is necessary to log in to the SDIC Group's electronic procurement platform to conduct document purchase operations through "online payment".

(3) How to get inquiry documents

After the purchase is successful, download the electronic inquiry document through the SDIC Group's electronic procurement platform.

(4) Other matters

1. Once the inquiry document is sold, the fee will not be refunded.

V. Quotation Deadline and Quotation Place

5.1 The deadline for quotation is 2019-01-18 08:05, and the quotation place is the electronic procurement platform of SDIC.

5.2 The purchaser will not accept the overdue quotation or the quotation is not made at the designated place.

Contact Information

Buyer: SDIC Xinjiang Lop Nur Potash Co., Ltd.

Address: 68 Jianshe West Road, Hami City, Xinjiang

Buyer Contact: Yuan Wentao

Buyer Contact: 2388870

In accordance with the principles of objectivity, fairness, and openness, this article of information was entrusted by the owner to be exclusively designated to be published on the China Construction Tendering Website

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