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Longsheng Dijing Phase II Project Tendering Announcement

河南-驻马店 2019-02-12 Henan-Zhumadian
Area: Henan-Zhumadian Release date: February 12, 2019
Bidding Procurement Text

1. Tender conditions
The second phase of Longsheng Dijing Project of this bidding project has been approved for construction by the relevant department. The bidder is Xixian Xinsheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. The construction fund is from social funds (has been implemented). The project has been qualified for bidding, and public bidding for the construction of the project is now underway.
2. Project Overview and Tendering Scope
2.1 Project Overview: This project is the second phase of Longsheng Dijing. It is located at the intersection of Luohuai Road and Xizheng East Road, Xi County, Xinyang City, with a total construction area of approximately 222,000 square meters, of which the floor area is approximately 187,000 square meters and the underground construction area is approximately Approximately 35,000 square meters, frame shear wall structure, the first floor underground, mainly 26F + 1F dwellings on the ground, a small number of 11-story, 9-story retreat houses and garden houses and commercial facilities.
2.2 Division of construction bids: The project is divided into three bids, each of which is about 70,000 square meters. The specific division is subject to the bidding documents.
2.3 Quality requirements: qualified / bid section;
2.4 Planned duration: 550 calendar days / bid
2.5 Tendering scope: The content contained in the construction drawings and the minutes for answering the questions in the construction bidding shall prevail.
3. Bidder qualification requirements
3.1 Any contracting enterprise with an independent legal person who has the ability to undertake the bidding project and should have a Grade 贰 or above qualification for general contracting of construction works issued by the competent construction administrative department and meets the scope of the qualification contract approved by the qualification certificate. Funding and other related construction capabilities;
3.2 The proposed project manager is required to have the professional qualification of a registered first-tier registered construction engineer issued by the construction administrative department, and have a valid production safety assessment certificate;
3.3 The person in charge of the technology is required to provide a certificate of professional titles of intermediate or higher level related to the engineering series, and provide a labor contract and the company's guarantee certificate;
3.4 Credit requirements: (Implementation of the "Notice on the Implementation of Joint Disciplinary Actions against the Trustees of Untrustworthy Entities in the Bidding and Bidding Activities" Law (2016) Document No. 285): The bidders on the "Credit China" website ( In the above, it was not listed as the person who executed the dishonesty (the bidder issued a screenshot of the webpage and stamped the company's official seal).
3.5 This project does not accept consortium bids;
3.6 Eligible bidding enterprises may register for bidding for the above-mentioned bids.
4. Bid Registration
4.1 The bidder will scan the qualification certificate of the enterprise and the credentials of the key management personnel of the project and the credentials of the legal person or authorized agent of the enterprise and send it to the designated mailbox for registration.
5. Acquisition of bidding documents
5.1 Time for obtaining bidding documents: The bidder will send the bidding documents to the mailbox of the bidding company from 8:00 on February 11, 2019 to 18:00 on February 24, 2019
6. Qualification review method The bidding project adopts the post-qualification review method for the qualification review of bid applicants. The main qualification review standards and contents are detailed in the bidding documents. Only qualified bid applicants may be awarded contracts.
7. Upload / Submit of Bidding Documents
7.1 Bidders need to submit electronic bidding documents and paper bidding documents at the same time. The content of the electronic bidding document upload and paper bidding document shall be consistent. In case of inconsistency, the electronic bidding document upload shall prevail. If there is a problem with the upload of the electronic bidding document, the paper bidding document shall prevail.
7.2 The deadline for uploading / submitting the bidding documents (the deadline for bidding, the same below) and the location are shown in the bidding documents. Paper bidding documents shall be submitted under sealed seals before the deadline for bidding.
7.3 The bidder will not accept the bidding documents that are uploaded / delivered or not uploaded / delivered to the designated place.
8. Announcement media The bid announcement was also published on the website of the electronic bidding and trading platform of Zhumadian Public Resources Trading Center and China Construction Bidding Online.
9. Contact Information Bidders: Xixian Xinsheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. Agency:
Office Address: 23rd Floor, New World Building, at the intersection of Tianzhongshan Avenue and Cedar Road, Zhumadian City
Telephone: 15516863998 Telephone:
Contact: Ms. Zhai Contact:

February 11, 2019

In accordance with the principles of objectivity, fairness, and openness, this article of information was entrusted by the owner to be exclusively designated to be published on the China Construction Tendering Website

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