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Area: Beijing Release date: March 2, 2019
Bidding Procurement Text
  • 299480391755 Inquiry Form No. 299480391755

  • 2019年03月02日08:43 Inquiry time 02 Mar 2019 08:43

  • 2019年03月05日00:00 Quotation Deadline March 05, 2019 00:00

  • 现货/标准品 Inquiry Type Spot / Standard

  • 标准订单(单次采购) Purchase Type Standard Order (Single Purchase)

  • Contact person Visible after authorization

  • contact number Visible after authorization

Inquiry Product

Line number Material coding Material name Brand model Item Description Purchase volume Upload Attachment
1 1 Steel socks - 50 # - 15 -
2 2 Grey knife - - - 15 -
3 3 brush - 50cm - 10 -
4 4 brush - 100cm - 10 -
5 5 Cable - - Three core 100 metres -
6 6 Plastic pot - 2.5 liters - 50 -
7 7 Iron Hoe - - Square 5 -
8 8 Maza - - - 5 -
9 9 Hanging gloves - - - 80 pairs -
10 10 raincoat - - - 4 pieces -
11 11 Rain boots - - - 2 pairs -

Supplier requirements

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