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Announcement on the Transfer of the Use Right of State-owned Construction Land of Daqing Public Resource Trading Center DGZG [2019] 010

黑龙江-大庆 2019-02-01 Heilongjiang-Daqing
Area: Heilongjiang-Daqing Release date: February 1, 2019
Bidding Procurement Text

Daqing Public Resource Trading Center

Announcement of Transfer of State-owned Construction Land Use Right

DGZG [2019] 010

With the approval of the People's Government of Daqing City, the Land and Resources Bureau of Daqing City decided to entrust the Daqing Public Resources Trading Center to decide to transfer the state-owned construction land use right by listing. The related matters are announced as follows:

I. Basic conditions and planning index requirements for the listed land for sale


Land location

Land area


Land use

Planning main index requirements

Years of transfer

Starting price

(Ten thousand yuan)

Bid margin

(Ten thousand yuan)

Price increase

(Ten thousand yuan)


Volume rate



Building height limit (m)


East of Fengwu Street, west of Planning Third Street, north of Longda Road


Retail Commercial Land (B11)




40 years of business




Plot B2-06 in the northern part of Qinglongshan area of Daqing City (Planning condition notification number: GS19-003)

2. Legal persons, natural persons and other organizations inside and outside the People's Republic of China can apply to participate in the bidding. Applicants can apply separately or jointly (except those prohibited by law and regulations from participating in bidding).

3. The bidding of the state-owned construction land use right is determined in accordance with the principle of the highest bidder.

4. The announcement period for this listing transfer is from February 1, 2019 to February 27, 2019

V. Applicants must obtain the bidder registration form and other listing documents from room C402, 4th floor of Daqing Municipal Government before March 11, 2019, and may submit a written application to our center to pay the bidding deposit. The deadline for submitting written applications and bidding deposits is March 11, 2019. After examination, if the applicant meets the application requirements and pays the bidding deposit within the prescribed time, our center will confirm its bidding qualifications before 17:00 on March 11, 2019.

6. The place for the transfer of the right to use the state-owned construction land is Room C402, 4th Floor, Daqing Municipal Government.

7. Other matters requiring announcement:

(1) During the listing period, bidders can bid freely. After the listing period expires, if a bidder expresses willingness to continue bidding, they will switch to on-site bidding and determine the bidder for the plot through on-site bidding.

(2) In the process of transferring state-owned construction land use rights, if bidding occurs, the acquirer must pay the entire land transfer fee including the premium part within 10 days after the transaction is listed.

(3) After the land transfer is concluded, after the land public announcement of the transaction is made on the China Land Market Network, the "State-owned Construction Land Use Right Transfer Contract" is signed.

(4) The bidder shall agree to use the land in accordance with the planning indicators such as land use and plot ratio stipulated in this announcement, and shall not change it without authorization.

(5) In the case of the transfer of land, the bidder may conduct site surveys on the bidding parcels by himself, and shall abandon the surveys on his own.

(6) In accordance with the requirements of the "Notice of the Ministry of Land and Resources on Strengthening the Supply and Supervision of Land for Real Estate" (Guo Tu Zi Fa [2010] No. 34). After the land transfer is concluded, the land bidder must sign the transfer contract within 10 working days. If the transferee fails to sign the contract within the time limit, the land supply and bidding deposit will not be returned. If the signed contract does not pay the transfer price, the land must be recovered.

(VII) According to the requirements of the "Notice of the Ministry of Land and Resources, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on Further Strengthening the Real Estate Land Use and Construction Management Regulations" (Guo Tu Zi Fa [2010] No. 151), bidders shall participate in the bidding and sale of the land, except for In addition to providing valid identification documents and payment of bidding (bid) security deposits, bidding (bidding) security deposits should not be submitted as bank loans, shareholder borrowings, refinancings and fundraising commitments and commercial financial institutions' credit certificates.

(8) The Land and Resources Bureau of Daqing City and the Public Resource Trading Center of Daqing City have the final interpretation right on the transfer of parcels and listing announcement.

Contact information and bank account

Address: Room C402, Daqing Municipal Government

Phone: 0459-6363998

Contact: Lin Xiaoning

Land transfer security:

Account holder: Daqing Public Resources Trading Center

Bank: China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. Daqing City Sub-branch

Account number: 23050166930000000031-0004

Daqing Public Resource Trading Center

February 1, 2019

In accordance with the principles of objectivity, fairness, and openness, this article of information was entrusted by the owner to be exclusively designated to be published on the China Construction Tendering Website

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