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Taihe County Education Bureau Announcement of Competitive Negotiations for the Procurement Project of the 2019 Senior High School Entrance Examination Sports Examination Service

安徽-马鞍山-和县 2019-03-01Anhui -Ma'anshan-He County
Area: Anhui-Ma'anshan-He County Release date: March 1, 2019
Bidding Procurement Text

XX middle school entrance examination sports examination service XX middle school entrance examination sports examination service procurement items are in competitive negotiations, and qualified domestic suppliers are welcome to participate in the negotiations. I. Project name and content: Procurement project of the sports examination service for the middle school entrance examination in 1XX 2. Project number XGX, project approval, review X4X5, funding source: financial funds 6, item X domestic 7, purchase of XX early middle school sports examination service, the number of students X name, see purchase documents for details. 8. Plan the service period of X days. Examination working days (the start time of the examination is April X of the year, the examination working days may not be continuous, and the purchaser can adjust X according to the actual situation) 9. The bidding section is divided into XX bidding sections X and items Estimated price: about X.XXX, quality standards: all responses and meet the procurement documents. Supplier Qualifications 1. Meet the requirements of Article 22 of the "People's Republic of China Government Purchasing Law"; 2. Suppliers must have independent legal person qualifications and a valid business license (the business scope includes at least the entrance examination and organization of sports examinations, sports, and sports Technology development and service, sports activity planning and organization, and sports entrance examination guidance for high school entrance examination), and have corresponding service capabilities in terms of personnel, equipment, funds, etc .; 3. Bidders must provide sports entrance examination services in the past three years One type of performance (notice of winning bid or announcement of winning bid, contract, acceptance report, three X official seals in the response document; 4. Project manager (project leader) qualification requirements: item X personnel, and provided since August X Social insurance list in the past 6 months. (Refers to the endowment insurance certificate issued by the endowment insurance management unit, stamped with the official seal or electronic seal of the endowment insurance management unit; if a copy or scan is provided, stamped with the official seal of the bidding unit). 5. Supplier If one of the following bad credit records exists, it shall not be recommended as a candidate for winning the bid, and it shall not be determined as the person who is included in the dishonesty to be executed by China X. 2) the supplier or its legal representative or the proposed project manager (project leader) is included in the bribery crime file by the People's Procuratorate; 3) the supplier is included in the abnormal business operation list by the industrial and commercial administration; 4) the supply The company was included in the list of parties involved in major tax violation cases by the tax department; 5) The supply X procurement list of serious illegal and dishonest acts. 6. This project does not accept the negotiation of the Commonwealth; 7. The procurement is subject to post-qualification review, and the response documents of the suppliers who fail the qualification review are treated as invalid. Third, the registration and negotiation document sales methods 1, who intends to participate in the XX station to download the negotiation documents. 2. The price of each negotiation document is XX, and it is non-refundable. The supplier must pay the cost of the competitive negotiation documents and receive a receipt at the negotiation site before submitting the response document. The supplier who did not submit the receipt shall not accept the response document purchaser. 4. Negotiation time and place 1. Negotiation time: March 4th, X, XX2X, Public X, Bid Opening, 4th Floor, Building BX, Fumin Home, XX Intersection). V. Response file submission time, deadline and place 1. Response file submission time: within 1 hour before the deadline for response file submission. 2. Deadline for submission of response documents: same as negotiation time. 3X Public X Bid Opening XX Intersection Fumin Home BX Building 4F). 4. The purchaser will not accept the response documents that have been delivered after the due date, or have not been delivered to the designated place, or have not fulfilled the sealing requirements of the negotiation documents. 6. The contact person on the north side of the contact party XXX: X telephone XX Consultation has XX country X Contact person: X words X E-mail address X 7. Other matters 1. 1. The energy-saving and environmental protection X procurement policies to be implemented in this project are detailed in the negotiation documents. VIII. Negotiation deposit payment Negotiation deposit: RMB X (¥ X.XX) account XX bank: the final negotiation documents for the purchase of the XXX middle school entrance examination sports XX middle school entrance examination sports examination service procurement project

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