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Diaoyushan Domestic Waste Landfill Site Closure Project Supervision of Diaoyushan Domestic Waste Landfill Site Closure Project; Tender Notice

江苏-南京 2019-03-02 Jiangsu-Nanjing
Area: Nanjing, Jiangsu Release date: March 2, 2019
Bidding Procurement Text

Tender announcement Diaoyushan domestic waste landfill site closure project supervision number: 3207061710310201-BE-001
I. Tendering conditions The closure project of Diaoyushan Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Site of this bidding project has been approved for construction by Lianfa Gaixingfufa (2017) No. 113. The bidder is the Lianyungang Environmental Sanitation Management Office, and the bidding agency is responsible for Jiangsu Wanda Project Cost Co., Ltd., financial allocation for construction funds. The project has already been eligible for tendering, and the supervision of the project is now open for tender.
Project Overview and Tender Scope
1. Construction site: No. 14 Jinkong Road, Lianyungang City
2. Project scale: The closure area is 120 acres, the storage capacity is 2.38 million cubic meters, and the landfill is more than 500 tons per day.
3. Scope of bidding: All supervisions in the whole process of the construction preparation stage, the "three control", "three management", "organization coordination" and related safety responsibilities and defect liability periods that should be performed.
4. Supervision service period: The construction period is 365 calendar days, which is synchronized with the construction period, including the completion of the acceptance period and the defect liability period. The supervision service period is 24 months and cooperates to the end of the audit.
5. Maximum price: RMB 960,000
6. Division of bidding section: one bidding section 3. Qualification requirements of bidders This post-qualification review is adopted for bidding. The qualification requirements for bidders are as follows:
1. Ability to conclude contracts independently;
2. Not in the state of being ordered to suspend business, cancel bidding qualifications, or take over, freeze or go bankrupt;
3. The enterprise did not suspend the bidding qualifications and stayed within the suspension period due to fraudulent bidding or serious breach of contract, and major project quality, safety production accidents and other violations of laws and regulations.
4. This bidding requires the bidder to have Grade B and above qualifications for municipal public works supervision;
5. This bidding does not accept consortium bids.
6. The bidder's requirements for the proposed supervisory engineer: the qualification of national registered supervision engineer of municipal public works;
7. The bidder's requirements for the professional supervision engineer to be sent by the bidder: The winning unit shall be equipped with the provisions of the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development [2017] No. 35 when the contract is filed;
8. The bidder's requirements for other supervisors to be sent by the bidder: The bid-winning unit shall be equipped according to the provisions of the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development [2017] No. 35 when the contract is filed;
9. This bidding requires the bidder to send a supervisory engineer to supervise the project: the bidder shall not use the personnel within the time limit as the supervisory engineer to bid. In principle, a project director and engineer can only undertake the supervision of one project. If it is really necessary to continue the supervision of the project, it shall be reported to the Quality and Safety Department of the Municipal Construction Bureau for the record after the consent of the construction unit that has undertaken the project. Three projects and did not undertake project supervision tasks outside the urban area.
10. Other requirements (1) According to Lian Jianzhi [2007] No. 551, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Announcement No. 15 and other regulations, enterprises in other provinces and cities have to review the "Notification Letter of Inspection" of the supervision enterprise and have not conducted The project inspection supervision enterprise will not be approved.
(2) The winning director shall not use any form (method) to entrust others to carry out supervision, and must be in person at the scene to actually direct the supervision.
(3) The bidding for this project complies with Su Jianjian Guan (2013) No. 508.
Bidders and project directors have no market misconduct, project directors are not restricted in bidding, and no loan qualification is used. (For details, please refer to the attachment of the bidding document)
(4) No one of the following situations may exist in the bidding unit:
A. It is the subsidiary organization (unit) of the tenderer;
B. Provide bidding agency services for this bid;
C. If the person in charge of the bidding agency in this bid is the same person;
D. Mutual control or participation in the bidding agency of this bidding section;
E. The person in charge of the unit who exists with other bidders in this bid is the same person or has a controlling or managing relationship;
F. Other situations stipulated by laws and regulations.
(5) The bidding unit intends to report the project supervision director as a formal employee of the unit, providing a social security payment certificate issued by the social security agency from June to November 2018, and stamping the social security agency's seal or the electronic security seal of the social insurance agency's participation payment certificate.
(6) The bidding unit or the project director has not been restricted by the administrative supervision department at the project site (within the validity period).
(7) This project implements Lian Jianfa (2018) No. 95 stipulates that the project director determined by the bidding unit (with the original power of attorney and the social security payment certificate and the original ID card from June to November 2018) will be determined at the bid evaluation and evaluation site. ) Must be involved throughout the process (including objection complaints).
(8) This project implements the requirements of the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the" Implementation Opinions on Establishing a Joint Disciplinary Mechanism for Trustees Who Have Performed Dishonesty in Public Bidding Activities in the Field of Public Resource Transaction "".
11. Meet other requirements stipulated by laws and regulations.
According to the requirements of Su Jianzhao Office [2015] No. 6 document, the project will no longer accept and view the original written documents. Bidders are requested to improve the integrity database to upload and update relevant information in a timely manner.
Fourth, other
1. Bidders must submit bid security in the name of an enterprise legal person before the bid opening. The bid security must be paid from the enterprise's basic deposit account. Bid deposits paid in the name of an individual, an office of an enterprise, a branch, or a subsidiary, or from other accounts or other accounts of the bidder's enterprise are invalid. No bidding deposit exceeding the time stipulated in the bidding documents and the submission of bid security shall be accepted, and major deviations shall be dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions of the bidding documents.
2. The bidder declined to call on the unit to participate in the bidding for this project. If the bidding unit is found to be in the bidding process and the bid is won, the bidding qualification will be cancelled and the bid security will be confiscated; if the bidding unit is found to apply, the bidding qualification will be cancelled.
3. All the materials submitted by the bidding company's entire bidding activities must be true and valid. Once any false behavior is found, the bidder will immediately suspend the bidding activity of the bidder and report it to the relevant competent authority for accountability.
4. This project does not accept the participation of retirees.
V. Bid Evaluation Method: Comprehensive Evaluation Method
2.2.1 Score composition
(Total score: 100 points) Bidding quotation: 46 points Supervision plan: 20 points Project management agency: 18 points Equipment, testing equipment, etc. to be put into the field: 8 points Project performance: 8 points The bidding document's supervision plan score should be taken by all judges The average value after excluding one of the highest and lowest scores is the final score.
2.2.2 Calculation method of the bid evaluation benchmark price The market-adjusted price shall be implemented, and the bidder shall determine the quotation according to the actual situation, but it shall not exceed the maximum bid limit price.
The maximum bid limit for this project is: RMB 960,000 □ Method 1: Use the lowest bidding price of a valid bidding document as the benchmark price for evaluation.
□ Method 2: Use the second lowest bid price of the valid bidding documents as the benchmark price for bid evaluation.
□ Method 3: The arithmetic average value of the bid quotes with valid bid documents is A, and the bid evaluation base price = A × K.
The K value is randomly selected by the representatives selected by the bidders before the bid opening. The range of the K value is 95%, 96%, 97%, and 98%.
When calculating the arithmetic mean A, if 7 ≤ effective bid documents <10, one of the highest price and one minimum price should be removed; if the effective bid documents are ≥ 10, two of the highest price and two minimum should be removed price.
■ Method 4: The arithmetic average value of the bid quotes with valid bid documents is A, and the maximum bid limit price is B, then: the bid evaluation base price = A × Q1 + B × Q2
Q2 = 1-Q1, Q1 values range: 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%;
The Q1 value is randomly determined by representatives selected by the bidders before the bid opening.
After the bid evaluation committee signs the bid evaluation report, the base price of the bid evaluation methods of Method 3 and Method 4 will not be changed due to questioning, complaints, reconsideration, and any other circumstances of the bidding parties, but calculation errors in the bid evaluation process may be adjusted.
2.2.3 Bid price (46 points) The bid price is equal to the full score of the bid evaluation base price; 0.2 points are deducted for every 1% of the bid reference price above the bid evaluation price, and 0.1 point are deducted for each 1% of the bid evaluation price below the bid evaluation price; Deviations of less than 1% shall be calculated by interpolation.
The supervision fee is calculated in 10,000 yuan. The decimal point of the supervision fee is reserved to 2 digits, and the third digit is rounded up. 46points
Supervision plan (20 points) Quality control plan with specific control measures and methods 4 points
Schedule control plan with specific control measures and methods 2 points
Investment control plan with specific control measures and methods 2 points
Safety control plan with specific management measures and methods 2 points
Contract and information management plan with specific management measures and methods 2 points
Organization and coordination plan with specific coordination measures and methods 2 points
Supervision work system with specific work system 2 points

Technical suggestions Based on the characteristics of this project, put forward the key points and difficulties of supervision work, and formulate corresponding supervision measures and rationalization suggestions 4 points
Note: ① Except that the evaluation points lacking corresponding content in the supervision plan are not scored, the score of each evaluation point of the supervision plan for bidding documents shall not be lower than 70% of the full points of the evaluation points.
② The score of the supervision plan of the bidding documents shall be the final score obtained by excluding the highest and lowest scores from all the judges ’scores.
Project supervision agency (18 points) Supervising engineer 1. The supervising engineer has a senior title (excluding local title) and gets 3 points.
2. The supervising engineer obtained 3 points as a registered construction engineer of municipal public works.
Note: The original certificate is uploaded to the integrity database. 6 points

Professional supervision engineers and other supervisors
The minimum requirements for this project: professional supervision engineers: 2 people, other supervision personnel: 3 people.
Professional requirements of this project:
I. Professional requirements:
1. Professional supervision engineer (4 points):
2 majors in municipal administration, each with 2 points and a perfect score of 4 points;
2. Other supervision staffing (6 points):
2 municipal majors and 1 civil engineering major, each person gets 2 points, with a perfect score of 6 points;
2. Title requirements (2 points):
Job title requirements: For professional supervision engineers and other supervisors who have senior titles, each score is 2 points, and the maximum is 2 points.
Notes: (1) Municipal major: including civil engineering, roads and bridges, water supply and drainage, environmental engineering, etc .;
Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Construction Engineering, Engineering Management, etc.
(2) Professional supervision engineers must have a professional supervision engineer training certificate or a national registered supervision engineer certificate; other supervision personnel must have a training qualification certificate or a national registered supervision engineer certificate;
(3) The major is subject to the major learned in the training certificate. (The old version of the National Registered Supervising Engineer Certificate is based on the specialty studied in the Registered Supervision Engineer Certificate, and the new version of the National Registered Supervising Engineer Certificate does not have the column of the specialty studied, which is based on the specialty of the graduation certificate).
(4) The original personnel certificate and certification documents of the project supervision agency shall be based on the scanned documents uploaded to the integrity database system. No scanned documents or incomplete materials will not be scored.) The review of the judges shall be based on the information linked to the integrity database in the bidding documents. .
(5) It is forbidden for one person to hold multiple positions. 12 points
Equipment and testing equipment to be put on site (8 points) 1. 5 points for own testing equipment: including total station, level, concrete rebound meter, reinforced concrete protective layer tester, non-metal plate thickness tester 1 point for each piece, up to 5 points. (The above equipment must provide the name of the bidder, and the original verification / calibration certificate should be scanned and uploaded within the validity period)
2. 3 points with certain test equipment or an agreement with an independent professional testing unit, and 0 points without test equipment or non-association.
Note: The verification certificate, related certificates and affiliate agreement shall be based on the scans uploaded by the original; no scans will not score. 8 points

Project performance (8 points) 1. Performance of supervision company (4 points):
Since January 2015, the supervising enterprise has undertaken a municipal public works project with a single contract value of 25 million yuan or more.
2. Director performance (4 points):
Since January 2015, the director has undertaken a municipal utility project with a single contract value of 25 million yuan and above. One of the points is 2 points and the maximum is 4 points.
(The director's performance must not be duplicated with the corporate performance)
3. Description:
The above-mentioned performance recognition time is subject to the completion acceptance time. For the relevant performance certification materials, the bidder must provide the original bidding notice (or direct contracting notice), the supervision contract, and the original completion acceptance scan.
B. The performance materials provided must clearly reflect the content of the project, such as the scale, cost, time, and project director. If the uploaded information cannot be proved, the valid certification documents of the construction unit must be provided. The certification documents must be stamped with the construction unit and project. The municipal administrative department of construction at the place where it is located has the official seal, otherwise it will not score.
C. The director's performance is not scoring for projects undertaken by bidders.
D. If the forgery experience and performance certification documents are verified, invalid bids will be dealt with as required; if the bid has been won or the contract has been signed, the bid winning qualification will be cancelled and the bid security will be confiscated. The bidder may supervise the project performance to verify the project performance after the successful bidding. If the verification is forged, the bidding qualification shall be cancelled and the bid security shall be confiscated. 8 points 6. Obtaining tender documents
1. Acquisition time: December 28, 2018 to January 4, 2019
2. How to obtain: Bidders can log in to Lianyungang Public Resources Trading Center to download
Bidding applicants must pay the bidding documents online and download the bidding documents before the deadline for the announcement. Each set of bidding documents is priced at RMB 300, and is non-refundable.
7. For the submission of bidding documents, please refer to the attached schedule to Chapter II.
VIII. Media for issuing announcements The tender announcement will be released on the Jiangsu Construction Engineering Bidding Network and the Lianyungang Public Resources Trading Center.
Nine, bid related requirements
1. The bidding requires the uploading of bidding documents on the Internet, no longer requiring bidders to prepare paper documents.
2. Complete the upload of online bidding documents before the deadline for submission of bidding documents, and the CA password lock, bidding backup documents (if provided) must also be submitted in time before the deadline for submission of bidding documents. The password lock will be returned after the bid evaluation is over. Bidders who fail to submit the CA password lock in time will be rejected.
3. Bid backup file: The bidder decides whether to provide the bid backup file. If so, it is recommended that the bid backup file be in the form of a U disk or CD. The bid backup file should be a non-encrypted bid file (.nJSTF), which should be submitted before the deadline for bidding. The bid backup file should ensure the smooth introduction of the bid evaluation system, otherwise it will be responsible for unsuccessful decryption and power failure due to special circumstances (such as force majeure) , The external network (internet) paralysis and other consequences caused by the emergency standby mode (spare media import, stand-alone mode, etc.).
4. During the bid opening process, the staff will use the bidder's network bidding CA code lock to decrypt the encrypted network bidding documents. If the decryption is unsuccessful, the bid opening activity cannot be performed normally due to the failure of the "electronic bidding and bidding trading platform". The bid inviting party will continue to use the "bidding backup documents" to continue the bid opening activities. If the bidder fails to submit the bidding backup documents, it shall be deemed to withdraw its bid documents, and the consequences and losses caused thereby shall be borne by the bidders. "Bid backup file" import failed to handle invalid bidding.
4. Production of electronic tenders:
The following bidding document production tools have been linked to the Cathay Pacific New Point 5.0 bidding system platform, and bidders can choose to use it.
(1) If the bidder uses Guanglianda's production tools to make the bidding documents, after downloading the bidding documents, please go to QQ group: 148252693 or! Lianda's bid creation tool is used to open the bidding documents and make bidding documents. If there is a software problem during the bidding process, please contact Guanglianda Software Company:
Zheng Lei: 13812332568 Liu Shudan: 18651253807
(2) If the bidder uses Cathay Newpoint's production tools to make bidding documents, after downloading the bidding documents, please go to QQ group: 242454657 or to download the new bidding documents Tool for opening bidding documents and making bidding documents. If there is a software problem during the bidding process, please contact Cathay New Point:
Huang Gong: 15896100880 Zhu Gong: 15161373079 Zhang Gong: 18505182641
X. Contact Information Bidders: Lianyungang City Environmental Sanitation Management Agency Agency: Jiangsu Wanda Engineering Cost Office Co., Ltd. Bidders Address: Agency Address: 19th Floor, Phoenix Building, No. 36 Chaoyang East Road, Haizhou District, Shizhai Post Code: Agent Agency Postcode: 222000
Fax of Tenderer: Fax of Agent:
Contact person of the bidder: Contact person of the agency: Zhang Gong Contact person of the bidder: Contact number of the agency: 0518-85838869

Cautions for Lianyungang Electronic Bidding: If this is the first time you are bidding online in the Lianyungang area (network system version 5.0), please first contact Jiangsu CA Company and Jiangsu Xiangsheng for online bidding password lock and enterprise electronic signature Chapter, then contact Cathay New Point Software Company to activate the password lock, use the password lock to log in to the relevant website member system to operate the integrity information database, and finally bring the relevant originals to the first floor of the Lianyungang Public Resources Trading Center for the integrity database review. The above steps Failure to carry out or imperfect operations may result in inability to enter the market.
Address of Lianyungang Public Resource Trading Center:
Block C, 9 Lingzhou East Road, Haizhou District, Lianyungang City.
Jiangsu CA, Jiangsu Xiangsheng (Lianyungang Office):
Block B, No. 9, Lingzhou East Road, Haizhou District, Lianyungang City.
Password lock activation:
Website: Lianyungang Public Resource Trading Center
Company Name Contact Person Contact Telephone Public Resources Trading Center Zhou Gong 85868197
Jiangsu CA Headquarters (Nanjing)
Lianyungang Sun Lili 025-96010
Guanglianda Zheng Lei Liu Shudan 13812332568
New Cathay Pacific, Huang Guisong, Zhu Jiawang, Zhang Hainan 15896100880

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