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隶属于中建国泰(北京)科技有限公司,是建设行业的招投标专业网站。 Construction bidding website ( belongs to China Construction Guotai (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional bidding website for the construction industry. In accordance with the principles of fairness, impartiality, and openness, the construction bidding network provides various construction and engineering project bidding data to the broad construction industry. It is the most comprehensive, timely, authoritative and professional platform for bidding and procurement information release. Municipality.

Major: Excavation and arrangement of various engineering construction projects based on and taking root in China's construction industry for 13 years;

In-depth: Relying on the advantages of professional resources of the construction department to cooperate in depth with various owners, investors, developers, and design institutes;

Extensive: Clients are located in all areas of the construction industry, for example: various owners and investors, developers, design institutes, construction companies, various equipment manufacturers

Organized introduction of extensive user recognition: The company has more than 13 years of experienced staff in the construction and equipment industry, providing professional project data and equipment procurement bidding data for industry users; it has a number of member units;

Follow-up of key projects and VIP projects: The construction of a bidding network integrates the industry's proprietary "project database", "enterprise qualification database", "employee database" and "three databases", and truly realizes the organic combination of "three databases and one network". Medium- and large-scale projects with an amount of more than 6 million yuan have followed up for several years; from project approval, environmental assessment, overall planning, design institutes, earthwork, professional construction, fire protection, steel structure, HVAC, elevators, and Electrical equipment, landscaping, landscape lighting, building materials, etc., showing in detail the contact phone, extension number, mobile phone number, construction address, etc. of the person in charge of the project manager;

Contact information for the construction bidding network:

Operating unit: China State Construction Guotai (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

Fax: 010-68993050

Address: In the courtyard of the Ministry of Construction, No. 9 Sanlihe Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Postcode: 100835

Investment and strategic cooperation: 4000110809, WeChat QQ: 290890404, Contact: Manager Li (Do not disturb advertising sales)