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· Improving the social status of Chinese architects, China Institute of Architects launched the "Double Hundred" campaign 2012-07-19
· Notice on China's Top 100 Famous Architectural Design Institutes Being Promoted by Design Institutions 2012-07-19
· Notice on the Proposal of Hundred Architects in Contemporary China 2012-07-19
· Japan will mass produce organic EL lamps on the wall 2012-07-19
· In the 18 years of the project's rise and fall, the examination and approval of the mansion in Lushan Scenic Area became suspicious 2012-07-19
· Analysis on the development trend of China's power industry security application in 2012 2012-07-19
· The truth of Zhanjiang Steel's deceleration: 34 years of bets on getting rid of poverty in remote cities 2012-07-19
Lithium battery safety accident activates new high temperature resistant diaphragm market 2012-07-19
· Three proposed national wetland parks in Sichuan Province passed on-site assessment by experts 2012-07-19
· In the first half of July, the four major banks added 50 billion new loans to invest in stable growth projects 2012-07-19
· Comment: "Stop bidding if you want to save money" 2012-07-19
· Architectural design industry needs diversification 2012-07-19
· The price of coal "falls endlessly" 2012-07-19
· Zhuhai investigation project found three major irregularities 2012-07-19
· Shaanxi spot checks three brands of interior coatings on the black list 2012-07-19
· China's construction machinery industry has not yet encountered the "ceiling" 2012-07-19
· Inferior paint changed into "brand" for famous brand 2012-07-19
· Construction Machinery Weak Country High Speed Rail Construction Drives Cheng Machinery Export 2012-07-19
· Guangzhou plans to build a garbage biochemical treatment facility to strive for a daily processing capacity of 1,000 tons 2012-07-19
· Lack of standard LED industry caught in low-end vicious competition dilemma 2012-07-19