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Yu Xiangdong led a delegation to Beijing Zhongguancun Information Valley to inspect and negotiate

Area: Shandong Release date: December 30, 2019
Construction News

On December 27, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Yu Xiangdong led a delegation to Beijing Zhongguancun Information Valley Asset Management Co., Ltd. to inspect and negotiate.

Yu Xiangdong and his party came to the Zhongguancun Software Park Conference Center, visited the Zhongguancun Software Park exhibition hall and the Information Valley exhibition hall, and had a discussion with relevant officials of Zhongguancun Information Valley Company.

In the symposium, Yu Xiangdong introduced the city's "5 + 5" top ten industrial cluster advantages, location advantages, and new ideas and policies to optimize the business environment. He pointed out that at present, the Binzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government regard “double-stroke and double-introduction” as the “No. 1 Project”. Through deepening reforms and innovating institutional mechanisms, it continuously optimizes the business environment and strives to create a supporting industry ecology. The Bohai Advanced Technology Research Institute and the Weiqiao National Academy of Sciences "one city and two hospitals" are accelerating the transition from factor-driven to innovation-driven. Zhongguancun Information Valley is an industrial Internet innovation service company supported by online and offline platforms. Its business content is in line with the development of related industries in Binzhou and the construction of "one city and two hospitals." It is hoped that the information valley company will bring advanced concepts, operating models and excellent scientific research teams to Binzhou, transform the latest scientific and technological achievements in Binzhou, in-depth layout and distribution, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

Shi Qilin, vice president of Zhongguancun Development Group and general manager of Zhongguancun Information Valley Company, welcomed the delegation and introduced the company's development situation and development ideas of "one center, one base, one park, one platform" in detail. He said that the company will visit Binzhou to discuss related cooperation projects, reach cooperation intentions as soon as possible, and contribute to the construction of "one city, two hospitals" and high-quality economic and social development in Binzhou.

Wang Jindong participated in the event.

(Reporter Liu Qingbo reports)

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