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Energize again, increase efforts, and strengthen measures! Hanyang District strives to optimize the business environment

Area: Hubei Release date: December 30, 2019
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27日,汉阳区召开优化营商环境工作会议,通报全市11月份优化营商环境考核排名情况和《电视问政》曝光问题情况,汲取教训,研究措施,推进汉阳区优化营商环境各项工作。 On December 27 , Hanyang District held a working conference on optimizing the business environment to report on the city ’s ranking of the optimization of the business environment in November and the exposure of "Television Asking for Politics". Learn lessons and research measures to promote the optimization of the business environment in Hanyang District. Items.



月份优化营商环境考核排名情况,会上相关单位汇报了全区优化营商环境工作推进情况,区行政审批局、区规划分局作表态发言,区领导就优化营商环境工作进行了总结发言。 The meeting briefed the city on the ranking of the optimization of the business environment in November . Relevant units reported the progress of the work to optimize the business environment in the region. The District Administration Examination and Approval Bureau and the District Planning Branch made statements and the district leaders worked on the optimization of the business environment. Concluding remarks were made.

Mayor Xu Li emphasized that optimizing the business environment is a competition that ca n’t afford to lose, and ca n’t afford to lose. It is necessary to redouble their efforts, increase efforts, and strengthen measures to fully promote the ranking of the business environment in our district to ensure that it is in a good position all year Achieved a good ranking and laid a solid foundation for promoting the high-quality development of Hanyang.

First, we must strengthen our understanding and cohesion. At present, Hanyang is in a critical period of transformational development and high-quality development. At such a critical juncture, the decline in performance and the exposure of the problems reflect that cadres still do not pay enough attention to their ideology and are not active enough in their work. We must adhere to the inward edge, have the courage to break the barriers of departmental interests, and optimize all links. We must work hard to solve problems that are strongly reflected by the enterprise and the masses, and resolutely correct any behavior that harms the interests of the enterprise and the masses. Units and individuals who still have to pass the ideology, should not let it go, should not let it go, be indifferent, do nothing, and act slowly, must be held accountable seriously. Second, we must conduct comprehensive benchmarking and strive for advanced positions. 教导员 ,亲自调研、亲自过问、亲自协调,在任务面前不讲条件,在问题面前不找理由,按照更高标准、更严要求,整改到位、落实到位。 Leaders in charge of the districts should be good " teachers " , conduct personal investigations, personal questions, and personal coordination. They shouldn't talk about conditions before tasks, find no reason before problems, and put in place rectification and implementation in accordance with higher standards and stricter requirements. Third, we must be problem-oriented and optimize services. The business environment is only better, not better. Optimizing the business environment is not only about pursuing excellent assessments, but also focusing on serving the masses, serving enterprises, and the effects of service development, so that businesses and the masses can see real changes and get real benefits. 吐槽台 ,以企业群众的吐槽倒逼营商环境的改善。 Set up a " slotting table " in the government service hall, and use the " slotting " of the corporate masses to force the improvement of the business environment. In response to some problems and shortcomings exposed in the recent business environment, all departments must persist in making changes and be good at learning from others. Common issues must also be thoroughly sorted out, strengthened process reengineering, and accelerated formation of long-term mechanisms.


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