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Cultivation of civilized traffic awareness, Hanyang's road unblocking rate ranks first in the city center for three consecutive years

Area: Hubei Release date: December 30, 2019
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The civilized traffic environment represents the degree of civilization and external image of a city, and meets the people's longing for a better life. In order to optimize the transportation environment of the district and continuously improve the sense of travel safety and happiness of residents, Hanyang District strives to do a good job of civilized traffic security through means such as normalized civilized discouragement, optimization of traffic organization at intersections, and supervision of duty on key roads.10月份,全区交通拥堵警报警同比下降14.4% ,汉阳道路畅通率连续三年位居全市中心城区第一。 It is understood that from January to October this year, the area's traffic congestion alarm dropped by 14.4% year-on-year, and Hanyang's road smoothness rate ranked first in the city center for three consecutive years.



While doing regular traffic security work, all relevant departments in Hanyang District have jointly carried out urban civilized traffic persuasion volunteer service activities, and various types of volunteers have taken to the streets to popularize traffic near key intersections, school gates, shopping malls, and bazaars. Safety common sense, promote civilized traffic behavior, and achieved good results. 月,区交通大队、区委文明办等部门联合开展迎军运·足尖上的文明——万名市民文明交通大体验暨交通志愿者教育培训活动,在30个重点交通路口,组织志愿者在早晚高峰时段开展文明劝导服务。 In April of this year, the District Transportation Brigade, the District Committee Civilization Office and other departments jointly launched a civilized transportation experience and transportation volunteer education and training activities for tens of thousands of citizens. We organized at 30 key traffic intersections. Volunteers conduct civilized persuasion services during peak hours in the morning and evening. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the military games, we will carry out extensive publicity campaigns to welcome military transportation, and advocate "civilized transportation" and "civilized travel" for citizens.



个文明交通劝导岗为重点,不断完善交通设施,规范交通秩序,倡导文明交通行为,帮助行人树立安全、文明意识。 Relying on social co-management forces such as civilized transportation volunteers, Hanyang District focuses on 10 civilized transportation persuasion posts in the district, continuously improves transportation facilities, regulates traffic order, advocates civilized traffic behavior, and helps pedestrians establish a sense of safety and civilization. Carry out special rectification of traffic violations such as disorderly pedestrian crossing, electric vehicles running through red lights, illegal carrying of people, and other illegal acts, further strengthening the comprehensive management of urban traffic, and improving the level of urban civilization. 起,现场管理30002起,进一步规范了电动车文明驾驶行为。 According to statistics, in the region's special rectification of electric vehicle civilized driving activities, a total of 76,381 persuasion and education, and 30002 on-site management, further standardized the civilized driving behavior of electric vehicles.



所小学推行“警校家”护安保畅活动,增设校园周边交通提示、禁令标牌38组,维护各类标牌366块;缓解重点单位、学校周边停车难矛盾,联动各街道解决社区停车问题300余起,运用智慧交管平台,严管违法停车行为。 At the same time, focusing on the goal of optimizing the civilized transportation environment, the district transportation brigade has coordinated relevant functional departments to implement "police school home" security activities in 30 primary schools, added 38 sets of traffic signs and prohibition signs around the campus, and maintained various signs 366 To alleviate parking conflicts around key units and schools, link streets to solve more than 300 parking problems in communities, and use smart traffic management platforms to strictly control illegal parking behaviors. It is understood that Hanyang's parking order management experience made an exchange speech at the third on-site promotion meeting of the city's comprehensive improvement of traffic order, and related work was well received by city and district leaders.



In the next step, Hanyang District will continue to focus on the goals of "safety, smoothness, orderliness, and satisfaction", and continue to do a good job of comprehensive management of urban roads and fine organization of traffic, and continuously improve traffic organization, accident prevention, order control, and serve the people Wait for the level of work, and strive to create a worry-free benchmark urban area.


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