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Sisin Fang Island has another big move, with 13 projects signed to cover 4 major industries

湖北-武汉-汉阳区 2019-12-30 Hubei-Wuhan-Hanyang District
Area: Hubei-Wuhan-Hanyang District Release date: December 30, 2019
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26日上午,“武汉方岛智慧科学城项目产业峰会暨产业合作签约仪式”成功举办,汉阳区与中国金茂签订合作协议,携手打造四新方岛。 On the morning of December 26 , the "Wuhan Fangdao Smart Science City Project Industry Summit and Industry Cooperation Signing Ceremony" was successfully held. Hanyang District and China Jinmao signed a cooperation agreement to build Sixinfang Island together.



Sixinfang Island is located on the urban landscape axis of Sixin Avenue in the core area of Sixin. Hanyang District plans to arrange public service facilities (including culture, primary and secondary schools, medical care, sports facilities, etc.) and business service facilities in Sixin area in combination with urban functions. And urban infrastructure.


The Hanyang District Government introduced the development status and future plans of the Hanyang District to the guests, and made a key recommendation of the Four New Ecological New City and Fangdao District.

Hanyang District is committed to turning Fangdao into a national first-class and city-leading economic demonstration area for headquarters buildings, a healthy and high-quality living area, and a modern service industry cluster. China Jinmao has released its planned Fangdao industry plan. 新四新概念,即符合未来科技的新产业、融合多元功能的新水岸、彰显国际视野的新空间、凸显地方元素的新人文,同时在方岛布局总部经济、智慧产业、大健康产业和都市休闲产业,让四新方岛引领汉阳综合转型和武汉发展标杆,同时也对武汉的国际都市形象起到引领作用。 China Jinmao put forward the concept of New Four New ” in combination with the development of the Four New Areas around Fangdao Island, that is, a new industry that conforms to future technology, a new waterfront that integrates multiple functions, a new space that highlights the international perspective, and local elements. The new humanities and the layout of the headquarters economy, smart industry, large health industry and urban leisure industry on Fangdao will allow Sixinfang Island to lead the comprehensive transformation of Hanyang and the benchmark for Wuhan's development, and also play a leading role in the image of Wuhan as an international city.

家企业现场与中国金茂签订产业项目意向投资协议,涉及方岛未来4大产业规划领域,这些项目与四新方岛建设理念、产业规划紧密衔接,高度契合。 It is reported that 13 companies including Sinofert and China Seeds signed an intent investment agreement with China Jinmao on industrial projects on the spot, involving Fangdao's four major industrial planning areas. These projects are closely connected with Sixinfang Island's construction concept and industrial planning. Fit.

店小二意识,努力打造最优营商环境。 In recent years, Hanyang District has continuously improved service efficiency, improved service facilitation, strengthened the awareness of " shop small two " , and strived to create the best business environment.--的城市运营理念,引导汉阳和四新向品质化发展,吸引高素质、高需求的人才,实现产业和城市的持续运营和发展。 Relevant person in charge of China Jinmao said that Jinmao will cooperate with various industrial parties to apply the " city - people - industry " city operation concept to guide the development of Hanyang and Sixin to quality and attract high-quality and high-demand talents. Achieve continuous operation and development of industries and cities.


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