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Fujian Yuzheng-Competitive Negotiation-FWSJ1912323GJ-2020-2021 Electric Power Survey and Design Institute Drawing Publication and Graphic Production-Bulletin Announcement

福建-厦门 2019-12-26 Fujian-Xiamen
Area: Fujian Xiamen Release date: December 26, 2019
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FWSJ1912323GJ Purchase Number: FWSJ1912323GJ

2020-2021 年电力勘察设计院图纸出版及图文制作 Project Name: 2020-2021 Electric Power Survey and Design Institute Drawing Publication and Graphic Production

项目于 2019 12 26 日上午进行响应文件的接收,截至文件递交截止时间 09 00 ,共接收到三家响应供应商(厦门市中奥诺广告有限公司、厦门市中博浩图文快印有限公司、厦门美又新图文设计有限公司)递交的响应文件。 This project received the response documents on the morning of December 26 , 2019. As of the submission deadline of the document at 09:00 , three response providers (Xiamen Zhong Aonuo Advertising Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Zhongbo Hao Graphic Express Print) were received. Co., Ltd., Xiamen Meiyou Graphic Design Co., Ltd.).

8 )要求:谈判响应供应商具有开展业务相应的专用机器设备及场地(提供相关证明材料。提供购买专用机器设备的发票或租赁专用机器设备的协议等;提供场地证明材料,属于自有产权的提供产权证明复印件,属于租用的提供租赁合同复印件)。 The special clauses of the negotiation document ( 8 ) require that the supplier responding to the negotiation has the special machinery and equipment and venues corresponding to the business (provide relevant certification materials. Provide invoices for the purchase of special machinery and equipment or the agreement to lease the special machinery and equipment, etc.); provide the site certification materials, (A copy of the certificate of property right belonging to the company's own property right and a copy of the lease contract for providing the property). After review by the negotiation team, the two suppliers of Xiamen Zhongbohao Graphic Express Printing Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Meiyouxin Graphic Design Co., Ltd. did not provide invoices for purchasing special machinery or agreements for leasing special machinery, etc. as required by the negotiation documents. All failed to meet the requirements of the negotiation documents and deal with invalid quotations.

Therefore, the number of qualified suppliers who met the requirements of the negotiation documents was insufficient and the procurement failed.


Fujian Yuzheng Engineering Tendering Co., Ltd.

12 26 December 26 , 2019

In accordance with the principles of objectivity, fairness, and openness, this information is entrusted by the owner to be exclusively designated to be published on the China Construction Tendering Website

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