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Wisdom U Station Mazucheng gas station project public selection agency tender announcement

Area: Fujian Release date: December 30, 2019
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Successful bid announcement

U站妈祖城加油站项目 公开选择招标代理机构招标公告 Wisdom U Station Mazucheng Gas Station Project Public Selection of Bidding Agents Tender Announcement


智慧能源(莆田)有限公司 拟公开选择 智慧 U站妈祖城加油站项目 招标代理机构,现将有关事项公告 According to relevant regulations, Smart Energy (Putian) Co., Ltd. plans to publicly select the bidding agency for the smart U station Matsu City gas station project , and will announce the relevant matters.

as follows:


I. Project Introduction

*. 智慧 U站妈祖城加油站项目 Name: Wisdom U Station Mazu City Gas Station Project

*. 莆田市北岸经济开发区山亭镇 Location: Shanting Town, Bei'an Economic Development Zone, Putian City

*. 智慧 U站 妈祖城加油站地块规划总用地面积 ****.**平方米,总建筑面积***.**平方米,其中站房***.**平方米、附属房***.**平方米,加油棚***.**平方米,属于二级加油站 Overview: The total planned land area of the gas station site of Wisdom U Station in Mazu City is ****. ** square meters, with a total construction area of ***. ** square meters, of which station buildings are ***. ** square meters and attached Room ***. ** square meters, refueling shed ***. ** square meters, belong to the secondary gas station

*. * **.** (万元) Total investment : * **. ** (ten thousand yuan)

Scope of agency

Prepare related documents such as project construction, supervision, testing tender documents, qualification examination documents, bill of quantities, project Q & A, project budget price, project ceiling price, project management reference price, etc., and submit them to the municipal administrative service center for release after filing ; Organize the bid opening, evaluation and release of the results of bid evaluation; provide related business consultation, assist in signing contracts and other full-process bidding services.

Third, the agency service fee

**% 计取,按委托方实际委托代理项目每次开标分别计算(是以中标价为计费基数,含专家评审费、交通费及工作餐餐费等有关费用,不包括场地使用费、交易服务费),若招标失败重新招标,不再追加代理服务费。代理费在施工招标合同签订后全部付清。 The service fee for the bidding agency shall be calculated according to **% of the charging standard stipulated by the National Development and Reform Commission (Development and Reform Price [ ****] *** and Fujian Provincial Price Bureau (Minjianfu [****] ***) . It is calculated according to the actual commissioning of the commissioned project by the commissioning party (based on the winning bid price as the base, including expert review fees, transportation costs, and work meals and other related costs, excluding venue use fees and transaction service fees). If the bidding fails to re-tender, no additional agency service fee will be added. The agency fee will be paid in full after the construction tender contract is signed.

招标人 支付。 The bidding agency service fee shall be paid by the bidder .

**% 计取,按委托方实际委托代理项目每次开标分别计算以财政审核后的工程预算价为计费基数。 The engineering cost consulting service fee is calculated according to **% of the charge standard stipulated by the Fujian Provincial Price Bureau (Minjian [ ****] ***) , and is calculated separately based on the actual audit of each project opened by the client for financial review The subsequent project budget price is the billing base. The engineering cost consulting service fee shall be paid after the verification with the engineering quantity list of the successful bidder.

Qualifications required by bidders

*. 暂定级及以上 有效资质。 Possessing the tentative qualification of engineering bidding agency and above .

V. Submissions

*. Participating bidding agencies must provide a copy of the engineering bidding agency qualification certificate and a copy of the business license of the enterprise. The above materials must provide the original and a copy.

*. The legal representative must bring the original and photocopy of his identity card to participate in the registration; if the legal representative authorizes other personnel to participate in the registration, he should also submit the power of attorney of the legal representative and the original and photocopy of the authorized person's identity card.

6. Time and place of submission

** ** 日下 * * ** 至****年 ** ** 日下午* * :(略) * 止,逾期不予接收。 The submission time is: ** year ** month ** day afternoon * * : ** to ** year ** month ** day afternoon * * : (omitted) * and will not be accepted after the deadline.

* )。 Submission location: (omitted) * Bid Opening Room ( * ).

7. Draw lots to determine the winning unit

*. Starting from the date of ***** month *, if a publicly selected agency is publicly selected at the municipal administrative service center, it must be selected randomly from the basic information database of the construction project of the Putian administrative service center.

*. The system will automatically block the list of bidding agencies within one month from the date of exposure if the relevant administrative supervision departments have been exposed on the Putian City Administrative Service Center Network. The administrative penalty time limits its bidding agency activities.

*. The owner checks the materials provided by the bidding agency (if there are more than ** applicants for the bidding agency, they will randomly select * houses and check the materials, and the rest of the bidding agency's materials will be returned on the spot and will not participate in the next round of random selection). In the qualification conditions, the first one is determined as the agency of the project and the second one is the candidate agency based on the principle of openness and randomness.

The public random extraction procedure "Notice on Standardizing the Public Random Extraction Procedure" (Xi Fa Fu [****] **) is required to be implemented. In the first round, the bidding agency will draw the sequence number in order according to the registration. In the second round, the bidder will draw the corresponding number. In the third round, the bidding agency selects the short-listed or successful bidders. The bidder with the same number as the corresponding number is the short-listed or successful bidder.

Before the public announcement of the owner, the selected bidding agency must have the organization code certificate, qualification certificate, tax registration certificate ((omitted), (omitted), the same below), business license ( (Omitted)), contact information ((omitted)), etc., if the bidding agency's materials are incomplete or falsified, it shall not be determined as the successful bidder, and the alternative bidding agency shall be re-determined as the successful bidder; Or if they cheat, they will openly choose the tendering agency again.

*. If only one bidder passes the examination, it will be directly determined as the bidding agency of the project.

Requirements for bidding

*. 工作 日内与业主签订建设工程招标代理合同(不得以分支机构名义签订),逾期不签订的取消其中标资格,并选择第二家备选单位作为招标代理机构。 The winning bidding agency must sign the construction project bidding agency contract (not in the name of a branch) with the owner within * working days after the lottery is confirmed. If the bidding agency fails to sign the contract, it will be disqualified and the second candidate unit will be selected as the bidding agency. mechanism.

*. The winning bidding agency shall complete the bidding documents, post-qualification review documents, engineering quantity list and engineering quantity calculation document (with engineering quantity calculation document and electronic CD-ROM), tender questions and answers, and engineering budget within * days after receiving the construction drawing design documents. Price, project ceiling price and project management reference price compilation work, and sent to the relevant departments for the record and release of tender information. Organize the bid opening, evaluation and release the results of the evaluation. Provide related business consulting and assist owners in signing contracts. If there are errors, omissions and major defects in the compilation of the bill of quantities, the corresponding compensation shall be compensated according to the losses caused.

*. The error of the project quantity list leads to the project budget price error (based on the results of the auditing unit specified by the relevant documents) shall not be greater than ± *%; otherwise, it shall be handled in accordance with relevant regulations and exposed on the city administrative service center network. Participate in bidding in this city within a certain period of time.

*. If the successful bidding agency fails to complete the bidding agency task as required, the bidder has the right to underpay or refuse to pay the bidding agency fee and choose the second candidate unit as the bidding agency.

*. The winning agency shall carry out the bidding agency work strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations, otherwise the owner shall have the right to terminate the contract with it.

Nine, announcement time

** ** 日下午 ** * 分起至 **** ** ** ** year ** month ** day ** pm * minutes ** year ** month **    ** * 分止 Until ** pm * day in the afternoon

X. Extraction locations

** / ** **:(略):(略) Putian Administrative Service Center * Floor **** / ** / ** **: (omitted): (omitted)

Eleven other requirements

智慧能源(莆田)有限公司 Client: Smart Energy (Putian) Co., Ltd.

杨骏翔 联系电话: *********** Contact: Yang Junxiang Tel: ***********  


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