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Hefei Weigang Primary School HF20191230091023480001 Direct Procurement Project Transaction Announcement

Area: Anhui Release date: December 30, 2019
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Successful bid announcement
Project information
Item Number: HF ******************** project name: Hefei Baohe District Government Procurement Center ************** Online Direct Procurement Project
Buyer name: Hegang Weigang Primary School Buyer Contact: **********
Successful suppliers: (slightly) Supplier Contact: **********
Date of announcement: **** / ** / ** **: (omitted): (omitted) Remarks:
Product information
product name Quantity Price (yuan) Total price (yuan)
QMI p ** ** key keyboard bag thickened portable dustproof backpack bag (unit: (omitted)) * **. * ***. *
Baska WD ** large net bag bold and durable can hold multiple basketball football volleyball large net bags * **. * **. *
Total order price (yuan) ***. *
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