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Aixianju APP and Citizen Card Upgrade Project (Non-Government Procurement) Winning / Transaction Results Announcement

Area: Zhejiang Release date: December 30, 2019
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Successful bid announcement

I. Name of purchaser: (omitted)

爱仙居APP及市民卡升级改造项目 Second, the purchase project name: Aixianju APP and citizen card upgrade project  

JJTZ(仙)-****-** Third, the procurement project number: JJTZ (xian)-****-**

非政府采购类-委托中介 Fourth, the type of procurement organization: non-governmental procurement-commissioned intermediary

单一来源 V. Procurement method: single source

****-**-** 6. Date of Invitation: ****-**-**

****-**-** 7. Calibration date: ****-**-**

Eight, the winning results:

Serial number

Item content

Winning Supplier



Total price (yuan)



Aixianju APP and Citizen Card Upgrade Project






Members of the Bid Evaluation Committee :

Ying Youjin (Ying Youjun), Li Chunhuo, Gao Jingjing

10. Contact Information:

(略) * 、 Purchasing agency name: (omitted)

柯文韬 Contact: Ke Wentao

****-******** Phone: ****-********

仙居县庆丰街***号三楼 Address: Third Floor, No. *** Qingfeng Street, Xianju County

(略) * 、 Name of purchaser: (omitted)

高静静 Contact: Gao Jingjing

****-******** Phone: ****-********

仙居县庆丰街***号 Address: No. *** Qingfeng Street, Xianju County

仙居县广播电视台 * 、 Name of supervision agency: Xianju County Radio and TV Station

金丽华 Contact: Jin Lihua

****-******** Phone: ****-********

仙居县环城西路**-* Address: West Ring Road, Xianju County **-*

Attachment information:

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