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Serial number project name Investment Stage of project area Release | Update
1 Guangxi Liuzhou Rongshui County Luojiu Water Control Project Resettlement Urban Building Resettlement Community (Phase 1) South Block Project Bid / start of main project Guangxi 2019-12-26
2 Meitan Rural Commercial Travel Interconnection Co., Ltd. Meitan Rural Commercial Travel Interconnect Complex Construction Project v.2 Not determined Guizhou 2019-12-26
3 Gan Li Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Plant C-1 and other 3 projects and Plant B-6 project v.2 Interior decoration / sub-contracting after capping Beijing 2019-12-26
4 The First Comprehensive Hospital Project of Yunlong Hospital in the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine v.5 171 million Construction unit (main project) bidding Hunan 2019-12-26
5 Xingguo to Ninghua Section of the New Railway Xingguo to Quanzhou Line Construction Project v.8 Bid / start of main project Fujian 2019-12-26
6 Wuhan Zhongerlian Real Estate Co., Ltd. Tianhui Longcheng F Land Project v.4 Bid / start of main project Hubei 2019-12-26
7 Jinning (hanging) 2011-15 plot residential project in Ninghe District, Tianjin v.3 Bid / start of main project Tianjin 2019-12-26
8 Nanning Shimao Investment Co., Ltd. Nanning Shimao International Center Project v.2 Bid / start of main project Guangxi 2019-12-26
9 Jiangsu Yingsibo Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. sensor and measuring instrument production project v.2 design Jiangsu 2019-12-26
10 W040502 Unit E1-06 Plot Project in Gubei Community, Changning District, Shanghai v.7 Bid / start of main project Shanghai 2019-12-26
11 Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, aerospace support discipline innovation center construction project v.3 Construction unit (main project) bidding Shaanxi 2019-12-26
12 Yunnan New Century Dianchi International Cultural Tourism Exhibition Investment Co., Ltd. Dianchi International Conference and Exhibition Center, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, Lot 8 (second tender) v.4 Bid / start of main project Yunnan 2019-12-26
13 Guizhou Wuling Hongrun Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Songtao Wuling Hongrun Community (Plot B) Construction Project v.3 Not determined Guizhou 2019-12-26
14 Evergreen resettlement housing construction project in Sijiqing Town, Haidian District, Beijing v.3 Bid / start of main project Beijing 2019-12-26
15 Chengdu Gaotou Construction and Development Co., Ltd. Senior Care Facilities (Institution) Project in High-tech Zone v.2 design Sichuan 2019-12-26
16 56 # B-1 Plot Project of Xiaozhongzhe Village Urban Reconstruction Project in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province v.3 Bid / start of main project Hebei 2019-12-26
17 ROBAM owner of Tianjin Jinnan District North China First District Operation Center Project v.3 Bid / start of main project Tianjin 2019-12-26
18 Guangxi Beihai City Shantou District (City in the Village) Comprehensive Reconstruction Project-Jiangsu Road Huijian District Construction Project v.2 design Shanghai 2019-12-26
19 Hohhot Xincheng Construction Development Investment Co., Ltd. Wuqinying Resettlement Community Phase II Project v.3 Bid / start of main project Inner Mongolia 2019-12-26
20 Tianjin Pengcheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. Jinwu (hanging) 2019-042 plot residential project v.2 design Tianjin 2019-12-26
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