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Construction Tender Network Service Details List 2019

Service classification

service items

(Yuan / year)

Standard Member


Senior Member


VIP Member


VIP members


Diamond Member


Information service Project Center * VIP project follow up
Invitation for bidding shortlisted recommendation
Projects under construction
Bidding Center Special project inquiry
Construction News
Hot Bidding
Tender notice
Tender Notice
Tender changes
Winning result
Negotiated procurement
Inquiry purchase
Enterprise procurement
Bid History Inquiry
Winning history query
Tender documents download
Owner direct purchase
Enterprise Qualification Database * Owner unit library
* National Design Institute
* National supervision unit
* National institutions
* National Real Estate Enterprises
National construction companies and building material manufacturers
Specialized in-depth services * Exclusive team project monitoring
* The only shortlisted recommendation (1 time) (3 times) (5 times)
* Competitor monitoring 4 homes 8 homes 8 homes 8 homes 8 homes
* Strong and strong members of Not sold separately
* Industry research report Additional charge of 8,000 yuan
Special project inquiry
* Construction Industry Summit
Bidding Secretary * Senior customer service
email alert
* Purchasing bids 15 times 20 times
Promotion * Assist in product promotion for design institutes Need to quote according to the actual situation
China Construction Bidding Network Gold Medal Certification Sold separately for 1980
Keyword Advertising Keyword advertising for 3 months Keyword advertising for 6 months Keyword advertising for 12 months
Corporate Yellow Page Promotion 1 month 3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months
Direct mail
WeChat public account promotion
Information Release Tender channel page release information 3000 RMB / year
Home Post Information 5000 yuan / year
WeChat public account recommendation Not sold separately